Friday, April 16, 2010

:: 50L Friday :: 16th April, 2010

We're one week closer to summer, can you believe it? This week has been a whirlwind of really great, fun stuff. I even got to take a picture as a ballerina with my big sister! Maybe if she says it's okay, I'll share it with you sometime. Anyhow! On to the 50L stuff.

This week there were so many Spring things, but I was most impressed with the 50L item at Larnia Kids - it's a whole outfit with a mouthie included, but the cutest part (that I couldn't capture in pics, so you'll have to check it out yourself!) is that the popsicle mouthie has an optional "popsicle stain" to wear as well. So keyyyyyuuuuteeee! It only works on 2.0 but no big deal, cuz the rest of the outfit is super adorable.

There's nothing better than a popsicle on a hot Summer day, right? The t-shirt says, "We stick together" - get it? Popsicle.. sticks? Hahaha. I love it! Oh, I've just now thought that it might also be something along the lines of a popsicle being sticky.. hmm, either way! Loved it! In that picture up there, I'm trying to decide whether or not to share my popsicle with Frannie. See, my angel side is saying, "Yes, share!" but my not-so-angelic side is saying, "Pshh Frannie can get her own popsicle!"

My hair is Kristy from Truth, in honey. My flip-flops are from Zero Number, and are in Pink. The poses I used are from (pda). You /have/ gone to Pose Fair, right?


Definitely pick up the Beach Set from Sassafras! Soon we'll be out of school and ready for long days of lounging in the sun, so you wanna be prepared. Oh, and stop by Inner Peace, cuz look what's out!

Eeeee!! This dress is called Daphne, and it's 50L from Inner Peace. I love love love the detailed top and super-adorable flip-flops, complete with tiny little matching bow. Oh, and this dress comes with a hairbow but I didn't wear it for these pics. My band-aid is a Bunny Band-aid from Easter Spring Town, and was free! It might still be open, actually...

In that picture up there, my hair is Molly from Truth in toffee, and if you click on my picture to enlarge it, you can see my mouthie - cherries! They're from my friend Madalynn Admiral; when she gets back to SL, I hope she re-opens her shop! The poses I used up there are from (pda) and @Waffles!

From Babydoll's, you can get this outfit for 50L today. It comes with both a ruffle (hard prim) top and a babydoll top. The jean shorts are my new favourite style - I love the textures!

 These poses are all from (pda) but the last one's my favourite - it's called Oh Mary. It reminds me of how I'd stand whilst watching Jamie and Frannie make a mess of the Cosmic Scribbles Headquarters. My hair is Drew from Truth, in toffee, and my flip-flops are from Sand Shack Surf Co, and are the Freedom Flops in Dark Brown.

I wanted to share a LOTD as well - over-achiever today, huh? Anyhow, this entire outfit is from a shop called Edelweiss. If you've never been there, you should go! They've got such cute stuff, from school uniforms to pyjamas, and this outfit is one of their new ones; it's called Cutie in navy.

It reminds me of something I'd wear for an afternoon of sailing or playing sports! Look how adorable ~ it comes with tons of options to mix and match; you can wear a skirt or these shorts, the t-shirt by itself or under the parka, the collar or not, long sleeves or not - awesome! My shoes are from ETD and are the demi-trainers in white. Except, thanks to Daisie, I fatpacked these. Oh, and my hair is from Fri.Day; it's called Marie and it's Moody Brown. The poses are from a place called Niqotine Poses, which my super-top-seekrit-source (a.k.a my sister) tells me is shut now, and also from (pda).

Check out Bunny Creek for a floppy straw hat with a bow that changes to 60 different colours; Aura's for an outfit that has the cutest animals on the front; J4KK for tennis shoes; Gigglebox for those magic balls from when you were a kid; a swimsuit at Cadybugs; and Little Ones Couture for pink high-tops. I couldn't find the 50L items at Chelsea's or Jumpin Jacks but those are great stores so I bet their items are awesome too.

Have fun, stay sunny,
Jane <3

P.s. Does anyone know who makes a wrap-around towel sort of dress? Like you'd wear after you'd gone swimming? Let me know, fashion-sleuths! :)


  1. great post ^-^ and i've seen something like the towel thing before =o wonder if it is still in my invo

  2. Adorable blog post Janey <3 and candy kids has a towel like that owned by Loren Pfeffer comes with a head wrap too so cute

  3. Cute sissy! give me the popsicle!! and for your information, none of them ess at the HQ belongs to me :P

  4. Adorable Janey! and those shoes are the best! <3