Thursday, April 15, 2010

Nellie the Elephant...

Happy Thursday once again guys! :D
I figured what with Pose fair probably tiring you all out, i would take this week to blog a store thats new to me; but full of such cute things!
But i do have to mention that Pose Fair ends tomorrow. so if you haven't gone yet what are you waiting for! Run there now!

Now onto the cuteness! While i was shopping this week i bumped into a lovely lady who was wearing a very cute dress which i just loved so i asked her nicely where it was from and she dropped the LM for YOMESHOUJO on me.
This store is full of such cute things i was getting so excited to try things. Now not everything is suitable for kids and some things will need editing but it is so worth it.

Firstly; this wonderfully cute elephant is so adorable for kids. It attaches to your back like a backpack and i've been running around with it on for days. I even picked them up for some of my friends too because they're only L$30. Yesh, you read correctly. Just L$30! They come in a few different patterns but i loved this pastel coloured patchwork

Also check out those pants ^^ They're so brightly coloured and just plain awesome! I love wearing colours that are crazy and completely clash so these pants will be worn constantly by me.

Elephant: xxY:Sxx *ELEBABY*3
Hair: fri. - Deena - Happy Blond

Next up i want to show you my full look of the day; which i must say i love! The overalls are so cute and come in different colours too. I had to buy the blue, because, well im a tomboy at heart. But after wearing it for a few hours i had to run back and grab another colour 'cause i loved it so much. The overalls come with cuffs for shorts & a skirt attachment too so you can mix and match how you wear it. Personally i love the skirt option and the flower pattern makes the outfit perfect for spring.

*Points down* There's the short options too

Now of course since they're called OVERalls i had to wear something under them. So i grabbed my hoody, shoved my hair into my hood and i was good to go. These hoodies come in sooo many colours. I just couldn't decide, but i thought the oatmeal colour looked cute with the blue overalls! I think everyone should own some tops because they are just perfect for layering as you can see here. I'm wearing the boatneck tee under the hoodie too, for extra warmth in the chilly winds of spring.

Since i'm a pose nerd i spent a long long time looking through all my pose stands to find cute poses to use. I have so so many after pose fair i just didnt know what to choose; but flicking through i came to my trusty selection of Glitterati poses. So all those cute poses you see up there; well they're all made by the lovely Miss Katey Coppola :D


Skin: Curio :GP: Sundust Frex [Light] Cupid-Pure 1
Hair: fri. - Tabs - Happy Blond
Hoodie: fri. - Henley.Hoodie (Oatmeal)
Overalls: xxYOMESHOUJOxx *YEY*blue
Undershirt: fri. - Longsleeve Boatneck.Tee (White)
Shoes: ~Scribble~ Candy Flats (Watermelon Basics)

Poses: All Glitterati

And just because i have this song in my head i thought i'd share it :D

That's all for this week from me. Don't forget to check back tomorrow for Janey's ever helpful 50l Friday post for all the good Deals. Until then, much love <3



  1. Love love this LOTD!! and one of my fav songs <3

  2. What an adorable LOTD! I love it! <3 and that store, is sooo keyyyyyute!