Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Hate On Me Hater

*creeps in to the blog* Today is Wednesday but dont worry, i haven't got my days confused. Wednesday's scribbler Daisie can't blog today so i jumped at the chance to blog. I have something very special to show you.
Ok i will openly admit i am a Gleek. I am addicted and am always singing along to the songs. For those who you who don't know what it is or have never seen it, heres a handy webpage for you.

 Now for those who watch glee just as religiously as i do, you will for sure love this Glee Choir Room Set

Just Look at it! It's awesome. Someone pointed this out to me on Plurk and i ran around crazy for a while and got super excited. It is available to buy on xstreet here and is also available in world.

It is very primmy so unless you have alot of spare prims i wouldn't advise keeping it rezzed out permanently. But it is awesome for taking pictures in and RPing in. And the best thing about it? It's only L$199. I thought that was awesome value for a build that obviously had alot of work put into it

Another awesome Glee product are these super cute tshirts from Awesome Blossom. I bought them on xstreet here so that i could gift them to my fellow scribblers; even those who don't watch Glee :P

They are so adorable & perfect for any Glee lovers out there. They did look a bit short on some of us; but with an undershirt thrown under it looks super cute and it'll keep us warmer too! They come in 3 very cute colours, blue, green & pink. So check them out! Now i just need one in RL.

That's my Fellow Scribbler & husband Jamie up there looking ever so cute!
[she doesnt like glee *huffs*]

However; as much as i love Glee todays post is about something much more important. Something that is especially important to alot of people i know and us Scribblers felt like we had to participate. Today is Pink shirt Day.
What is Pink shirt Day you may ask, well pink shirt day marks the day to stand up to bullying. Almost all of us have probably been bullied at some point in our lives and it happens alot in glee! It can happen to anyone, and it is never a nice experience and it is definately a regular occurence in second life.

Bullying is something very close to my heart. I went through a childhood of being bullied for being small, wearing glasses and for being different. I was a nerdy little kid and a bookworm who did not fit in. I didn't let it get to me though; because i was happy and i knew there was people who loved me, but that doesnt mean that it didnt hurt.
*hums an appropriate Glee tune*

People need to stand up against bullies; at school, in families, at work and on second life. It is easy in sl to judge people and say hurtful feelings without thinking about the rl person sat behind the avatar. Even if you're not vocally bullying them to their face, talking about people in IMs can be just as hurtful. I've done it myself and unknowingly hurt someone :(
To me today shouldnt just be focused on the anti bullying. Yes it's important, but i think promoting peace is the key.

Being at peace with yourself promotes happiness within yourself, and the ability to see the good in what you've got. I, myself have been thinking alot about what i have in the world; and it makes me reflect on others and what goes on around me. Being at peace with myself gives me the insight to see for myself the happiness other people take from their lives, no matter who they are or what they do. We are all different, and that is the best part of life. It should be cherished and remembered.

I urge all of you, even pink haters like Abby, to grab something pink, pull it over your head and walk around proudly today! Stand up against the bullies & promote Peace!

I am going to do just that while i go and cry that the U.S.A has new glee episodes a week before the UK :(

Until tomorrow, Peace out
Frannie xox


  1. <3<3 Frannie, awesome post! And yes I am wearing Pink today!

  2. awww such a cute post and thank you so much for stepping in for me! <3

  3. awesome post ^_^ i'll have to check out the glee room sometime soon

  4. OMAGH! I only JUST read that you called me a maaan! :( sadly for it being about gleee its still an awesome post <3333