Saturday, April 17, 2010

Pillow Fight Anyone...

Haaaaaiii Everyone! Do you all remember when you were younger and you decided to grab all the pillows and blankets in the house and using the sofa or some chairs you'd build your self a little den or fort?! I most definitely do, I used to steal some cookies and go hide in mine once it was built with my younger sister and we used to think no one would ever see us or know it was us who ate all the cookies! Anyway enough of my memory lane trip.... I've managed to find a few stores here in SL that have some items exactly like those we used to build as kids and they are ADORABLE!

Firstly I came across this pillow fort quite a while ago and its always been one of my favourite pieces of furniture. Its the [SARS] Pillow Fort and it comes with multiple animations with enough room for you and 4 other friends. Its super colourful as you can see and its comes copy/mod so it can be resized and duplicated as many times as you need.
Next is the wonderful new release from EmJay Kidz, the Chair Fort. Its a traditional fort with four dinning room chairs covered in a huge blanket and filled with pillows which have lots of animations in! Its even has an adorable little panda bear inside the fort which you can snuggle up to can have a lovely little nap.
And Lastly I remembered one of the awesomest stores ever had made their version of a pillow fort, the -RC- Couch Cushion Blanket Clubhouse. It has a colour change feature for some of the cushions and also the blankets and has room for 3 friends. This would be the perfect one I'd have needed as a kid because when you click on the blanket draping over the side of the entrance it moves and covers it so you are completely hidden and free to munch on as many cookies as you like! 

Now time for a super quick LOTD, This week I'm wearing a top from the CCC Makayla outfit with my favourite pair of summer essential shorts from Surf Couture. It took me quite a while this week to pick a pair of shoes but in the end I settled for one of my old favourites, ETD Demi Trainers.


Skin - Curio Cupid in Sundust
Hair - Truth Annie in Sweedish

Top - CCC Makayla Top w/Prim
Shorts Surf Couture Shack Shorts in Dark Denim
Shoes - ETD Demi Trainers in White

Anklet - LacieCakes Innocent Anklets
Nomnom - LacieCakes Candy NomNom in Pink
Bandaids - Reek I Heart Bandaids

See you all next week *hugs*


  1. so cute Jamie I was wearing that top the other day! it's one of my favorites that Chelsea makes

  2. *steals yer cookies* Very cute jammy <33

  3. Love it, JooJooBee! <3333