Sunday, March 21, 2010

Little Sister LOTD! (Sienna Chatterbox)

I was supposed to blog my "Why I'm in SL" essay today - but it's not done. So how about a cute LOTD instead? But not just any LOTD! I bribed my little sister Sienna with cupcakes to pose for some pictures, and told her she had to wear her favourite outfit. So here it is - the very first Little Sister LOTD!

LOTD Details
Hair: Analog Dog - Kelly - cocoa
Skin::GP: - Sundust [Frex] Dark - Pure1

Outfit: Babydoll's Boutique - KayleeRai - pink
Shoes: Aura's - Espadrilles - hearts (she's obsessed with these shoes!)
Glasses: J4KK color-change glasses
Have a wonderful Sunday! And thanks for reading. *big smiles*