Saturday, March 20, 2010

Fairytale Toadstool Cottages and a quick LOTD!

*waves* Good Morning Everyoneeeee! Okay sooo I know this is late but today I'll be blogging for you this lovely little Xen Style Toadstool Court Prefab made by the fabulous Xenius Revere. I'm so happy my Nana suggested for me to blog this because I forgot how amazing and beautiful this little house is! It was brought for me from my Nana and Grandpa for my rezday back in october...and I've never managed to find the perfect spot for it to be rezzed untill now :) (which is at a secret location because frannie and I are still planning something exciting for all of you so keep an eye out in the next few days)

This is the ground floor, it has an armchair and sofa included which come with so many cute animations, and also a lovely warm fire for toasting marshmellows on. ALL of the textures in this little house are just beyond amazing and make me go WOW. The lighting on the walls and flooring is NOT edited that is the way the house is and i think it just shows how much work went into creating the textures on here. *climbs up the ladder*

Sooo this is the next floor up, and it has another sofa and armchair plus also some adorable dressers and shelves perfect for placing photo frames or jewlery boxes on. All the lighting and textures again in this room are just amazing and I just can't say wow enough when I look at all this! Oh and whats this i see another ladder for us to climb up....

I think this is my favourite room in this house....It has a bed, which is fully animated and another dresser but my favourite part is the little window which lets you peek out into the forest below! Before I move on to my quick LOTD...I will say again the textures on this little cottage are SO adorable and amazing that it's hard to describe from these pictures what it is really like!

Now quickly i'll show you my LOTD or well my look for a few days. I havent changed out of this outfit since I put it on friday...I know almost 3 days without changing I really do need a bath huh? Anyways, the tee i'm wearing in this outfit is the most essential item of clothing anyone should have in their inventory...I wear it with almost EVERYTHING. The Hoodie and shorts matched together perfectly for this lovely springy outfit because at loooong last its spring time!!!

Hair - Jasmine 2 Timid Brown
Skin - Curio Cupid in Sundust

Tee - Basic Crew Neck Tee in White
Hoodie - Atomic Everyday Hoodie in Powder Blue
Shorts - Shop Seu Short Pants Navy
Shoes - Basic Flats White

Bandaid - Reek I heart Bandaid
Glasses - Gritty Kitty Prehistoric Glasses

So thats it for me this week, I'm sorry it was late...I was uhh not feeling the best last night so I just crawled stright into bed when I got home!
*hugs you all from a distance so you don't get sick to*

Jamie, xo


  1. Oh I love those Toadstool Cottages!! Now go rest!! <3

  2. everytime one of you all Blog that Atomic Hoodie in your makes it harder for me to resist! :P The shirt is a must have though that I need to add to my inventory def! Love it Jamie!

  3. Loves the hoodie!! Wouldnt mind seeing it blogged daily :D *just sayin*

  4. oh no me neither! It's so awesome! *makes note to go get it*

    Sorry! I had just woken up! I read a lot of kids blogs and get sooo confused! XD But no I love that hoodie! I keep telling myself I don't need to buy it XD every time I see it I want to go spend money I don't have yet! Sorry for any confusion! Promise I love this post and like Daisie said Wouldn't mind seeing that hoodie 400million times! XD <3