Monday, March 22, 2010

Hey Everyone! It's me again! *waves crazy like*

Today I decided to be girlish with no frills. I like dressing like this, well, if all my jeans are dirty.

My sneakers come from CANDY these are another pair of some my favorite shoes to wear. They have  the cutest little charms hanging off of them, and included with these, there is also a texture changing hud, so you can match just about anything. The jean skirt comes from they have 4 different colors to choose from, and the prim part of the skirt is mod, so its easily edited to fit the smaller kid avi's.  The t-shirt I found at a little store called FreshTrash It is so adorable, the tee comes in 5 different colors and has a little bow up at the neck line. I was so happy to find a very cute Tee, that did not have a lot of chest shading to it. I bought two of them and plan on going back for more. There isn't a ton of stuff in the store yet, But I can't wait to see what else they come up with. (Cupcake sim does not allow direct TP's, find RC Cluster, FreshTrash is across from there)

My charm bracelet is from Babydoll's Boutique  found in the Flyaway outfit. I found it digging through my closet for accessories and thought it would be perfect! The Finger thangamabobs (not sure what they are called ) have little hearts on back of the hand and also on each finger. Those I found last year at Zanzo , At a store named Pink Bubbles. I checked and they are still there!!  My charm necklace is from Pink Fuel , if you look close it looks like there is pixie dust floating around inside the little bottle, and when you click on it, you hear a sweet bell ring and it whispers that someone has poked your charm. It is found in the Gatcha Gatcha  machine, so its only like 10L.  If you TP over make sure you check out the rest of the store. Pink Fuel has some of the cutest shoulder pets, and interesting things, and also some really awesome skins, that could be suitable for kids.
I wanted to show you this shoulder pet too, its a sleeping bunny.I found him at Ragdoll's Cut . It is so cute, the bunnies nose twitches while he sleeps. Almost makes you want to pick him off your shoulder and squeeze him in a hug, it has such a sweet face, and right now they also have Easter versions, that are just plain adorable! The ring is from Kewt Kids, I been wearing it since last week and look! My finger hasn't even turned a bit green!

Oh almost forgot, My Hair is from Truth.  Nadia in Reds  I am so addicted to Truth Hair!
Skin is from Curio- Sundust-Breeze-Pure I LOVE Curio skins!