Wednesday, March 24, 2010

These are a few of my favorite things

Happy Wednesday!! Hope your all having a fabulous week, just think its halfway over!

Quick post today, not much for freebies or hunts out there or I am just too involved in other stuff this week *smirks and watches the birdies fly by* I do have one freebie to tell you about though and its super cute!
SwayLand was having a grand opening and althou I didnt make it around to all the stores to see what they put out I did manage to make it to one. Zacca put out this adorable wagon set that comes in 3 sizes, I would imagine for adults, teens, and kids!! It fit perfect and no adjusting! 

Look how cute it is!! And it was free, even better right? Go walk around and see how beautiful the sim looks and what other store owners put out for gifts. I didnt have much time but I will be sure to visit again :)

On to my LOTD, see I told you this would be a short post! These are just a few of my favorite things and a couple have sentimental value to me :)

First the outfit, its one that never gets old to me and always puts a smile on my face. Its called Faellana and  I just love the colors, its light weight and perfect for spring or summer. I am sure Babydoll still has it on her shelves so be sure to grab it and feel the comfort. The outfit is paired up with Dollystocks another one of my favorites, so comfortable and my toesies get a chance to breathe without being all smooshed up *giggles* This hair is perfect for anything its whispy with just a few strays and can  be found at, its called Tatum 2. As for the jewelry and accessories Each one has a meaning to me and all come from my Godmommies store LacieCakes you need to stop over if you havent already there is lots for kids of all ages! First is the tiara, and old gift from a very special friend, and what princess doesnt deserve a tiara? Moving down is the most adorable necklace my godmommy gave me its a bouquet of flowers and they are daisys!! Little further down is my Girls's Heart Family Ring, a christmas gift from my mommy and it never comes off! Down even further and last but not least is my Innocence Anklet to capture the innocent in every girl, another gift from a very dear and old friend of mine <3

Thats all for today, hopefully I stumble onto some fantastic finds for you this week. I go in for surgery and might need some recovery time but I am sure the rest of the Cosmic Crew will take care of your shopping needs *grins big* I've listed all the poses used below too because its become one of my daily things to do and who doesnt like finding cheap poses that are adorable?

Be sweet, play innocent and laugh loud! Til next week *muahs*
Daisie <3

LOTD details:
Eyelashes: CANDY - Soft
Skin: Curio - Cupid
Nails: Scoop- Frenchy Nails - rainbow sorbet
Hair: - Tatum.2
Outfit: Babydoll's - Faellana
Shoes: Babydoll's - Dollystocks
Jewelry: LacieCakes- Teeny Tiara; Bouquet Necklace; Innocence Anklet; Girls's Heart Family Ring

*OMS* Cinder 2
Glitterati - Kids Singles - 9
dfo! [dance] two by two, hands of blue


  1. *copies what each and everyone of you do to every post* OMG Keeeyuuuuute <3 *rolls eyes and pukes* ya'll be so lame. All of ya'll are just copycats.. looking for approval from one another.

  2. Hmm... Yet here you sit, using a totally uncreative alias might I add. Leaving a totally pathetic message in a blog.5 bucks say you showed this post to all your friends... for what? approval? You may wanna take a small step back, and take a good look at yourself. What you just did, was first of all very rude and super pathetic. I feel sorry for you, VERY sorry that this is what makes you feel good about yourself. Maybe you should grow up a little and learn move manners. Better yet, learn to not be so lame. :)

  3. Way to hop in and try and ruin someone's fun. How about showing a little bit of decency and keeping your mouth closed if you don't like something you read. You don't have to read the blog you know. These kids do a great job and they are alot more fun and polite than many of the blogs you read today. Keep up the cuteness scribblers :)

  4. Woot woot!! Thank you Riley and Miss Sarra :D

  5. so cute love it Daisie don't let the wannabe's get you down they are just haters and jealous and don't even have enough kahones to say who they are pff on them what a joke! All you girls are totally fabulous and i love this blog it's the bestes!!

  6. Awesome post Daisie, love the details and its always a new shopping adventure for me when I finish reading!

    To all of you Cosmic Scribblers - I love the consistent look and feel to the blog so keep up up the great work; it adds a bit of sunshine to each and every day for me. :o)