Saturday, March 27, 2010

Second Spaces And A Sparkly Saturday!

*waves and hands out cookies* Okay soooo earlier in the week Daisie, Frannie and I went to a Keyyyyyyyyyute little party at Second Spaces new store location. It was so exciting with lots of freebies and flash sales, while I was there I spied so many cute pieces of furniture that I decided to redo my bedroom :)

First up today is something sparkly and new and something oldish but adorably cute! On the left *points* we have the new Sophia Chaise, I feel in love with this sofa the second I saw it and before I knew it I had lovely new sofa in my inventory! It comes with some adorable animations for sitting round and relazing with friends on. Then we have the oldish Ashlyn Sewing Room Armoire *points to the right picture* this was something I managed to grab in one of the flash sales Elle had during her party. It comes with all the cute accessories shown and because of its beautiful texturing it can fit with almost any bedroom set.

Then we come to two of the most essential items in my bedroom; my bed and my desk. I'll start with my least favourite but not because it isnt cute but because it reminds me of how much work that I have needing doing. It's the Culver Writing Desk *points to the top two pics* All the accessories shown on the desk are from Second Spaces aswell and lets say I preffer to keep mine looking like the right picture so I can hide my mountains of essays behind it :) Then on the bottom is my favourite the bed, which is the Claire Daybed in the light shade. This has multiple animations in for again sitting around and relazing with friends and family. The PJ's I'm wearing in this are the Alexxia in Berry Pj's from Babydolls Boutique and they are one of my favourite pj's ever!

And lastly on the furniture side of things is the most exciting piece of all and it's the Murphy Armoire. I've loved this dresser ever since my mommy first decorated my room with it looooong ago and I forgot like I usually do how much I really do love it. It's so magical because in one click it can go from being a simple dresser to an extra bed for when I have slumber parties with the girlies!

Wow okay this post is getting kind of long already sooo I'll try my hardest not to ramble on for much longer BUT my LOTD for this week I think I'll be dressed in for a few more days, I just love it. Again today I've gone for a mixture of old and new, but mostly new. The old part being the skirt I'm wearing it comes from the CCC outfit Scarlett. The tee is from Tres Blah and its one I picked up just today when I went wandering around a few stores, I've had it in the pinky color for a while and so I thought why not grab the blue today while I was there. Now my favourite part of this entire outfit is the bunny ears and petals from the beautiful accessory store SiSSi. They are made by my amazingly talented and wonderful nana who has released them as her easter FREEEBIE! So I think y'all should go down and grab some because they are the awesomest bunny ears EVER!

Hair - Truth Marguerite in Champagne
Skin - Curio Cupid in Sundust
Tee - !Tb - vintage rose tee (blue bird)
Skirt - CCC Scarlett Skirt
Shoes - Basic Flats White

Bandaid - Reek I heart Bandaid
Glasses - Gritty Kitty Prehistoric Glasses 
Bunny Ears & Petals - SiSSi Easter Freebie

Thats it from me this week now I need to go find my head because I think its run off somewhere....
*big hugs*



  1. Oh sissy I love that LOTD and I have always loved second spaces stuff! Your post rocks!

  2. OMG I love that deskkkkkkkkkkkk! KEYUTE post JooJoo!!! <3333333333