Thursday, March 25, 2010

Sparkles...Not just in the Attic

Happy Thursday people!
Whilst wandering around the grid this week, and plurking as i usually do i've noticed alot of negativity. Dude! we've even had some on the blog. I decided that sprinkling a bit of sparkles and glitter into my post would brighten my week up. So what better way to do that then to feature some cute poses from [SiA] - Sparklez in the Attic.

[SiA] who make some of the cutest poses, is found on the Jubilee Sim along with a bunch of other kids stores. They also make some nice accessories, and a ton of other stuff! But of course its my day to blog...Duh im here aren't i, So i'll be featuring the poses since thats my "thing".
But before i show you i just wanted to say i love my fellow scribblers so much! They put up with my bossing them around at least once a week for picture posing. So i owe them alot for putting up with me!

Now enough of that soppy stuff...Onto the poses!

First up i want to show you one of [SiA]'s very cute 'couple' poses. This Mirror Pose is so adorable; and is perfect for posing with your best friends or family! It's a perfect mirror image and the hand touching is such a lovely touch to the pose!

All of [SiA]'s Poses are really affordable too, and most come with linked and unlinked versions to make it easier to change the pose or to edit the pose to fit different avatars.
Next up we have possibly my favourite pose in the store. It makes me laugh; and i feel so dorky doing the pose, but its adorable!

I love love love the finger guns! Although i'm not quite sure why we decided to pose in spring dresses because we don't exactly look very scary & threatening do we? Well maybe to some people we do *shrugs* This pose is very correctly called [SiA] Group Pose : Bang! and its a perfect fun group pose for friends.

Now the next pose, [SiA] CouplePose : Lap Sit is super cute! Its a mother and daughter pose but is perfect for big sisters too. The lovely Ms Liliana Barrs of Undefined Thingies offered to pose with me when i got all confused and forget i hadn't even taken a picture of the pose. Shows how blonde i am! So thankyou Lilie :D

Poses Used:
[SiA] Couple Pose : Mirror / Kids Size
[SiA] Group Pose : Bang!
[SiA] CouplePose : Lap Sit

Now i don't want to drag this post out and make it really really loooong and boring; but i DO want to show you a look of the day that i adore! I absolutely love love love the new Elle Dress from :>Inner Peace<: I was shopping with Jamie when our fellow scribbler Riley released this new dress so we rushed on over and i stood there for a while wondering what colour to buy out of the five released.... but eventually i decided i had to Fatpack...AGAIN!
Hair: fri. - Marie - Blonds
Skin: Curio :GP: Sundust Frex [Light] Cupid-Pure 1 
Dress (Shoes & bracelets included): :>Inner Peace<: Elle In White 
Leggings: DUBOO *leggings holic yellow [sheer] (UP)


  1. So Soooo cute Frannie! Awesomee as usual!! *huggles*

  2. Frannie!! I should have IMd you when I was looking for leggings the other day!! <3 I love reading your posts!

  3. Ty girlies!
    and yah you should have! I have a whole folder caled Tights & leggings :D I'm addicted

  4. So cute as always Frannie!! *hugs* <3

  5. Thank you for the feature; Mari will be happy to see it too. :)

  6. Thank you for lovely comment frannie, I love you <33

  7. how did it go.. OMG KEEEEYYYYUUUUUTE <3

    (rofl) hugs you up.. cute post and thanks for mentioning Jubilee <3