Tuesday, March 23, 2010

I'm noddin' my head like yeah, movin' my hips like yah...

*Jumps close and smiles* Happy Tuesday everyone!!!!!

Yes! It's that day again. Time for Accessories and Hair! Those of you who know me well, know I adorreeeee Twilight. Like L-O-V-E *gushes* the Twilight Saga! So in light of the New Moon release, I have a few Twilight accessories you'll adore. But first I shall start with hair!

If you're like me in the summer, lovingg the heat but hating sticky hair when you run around. Then you'll love Deena, because it's short, it's trendy and it's awesome for the heat! This is probably one of my most worn hairs. Because it's SO so cute. It's kid friendly it's short and honestly, it literally goes with everything. Dresses, jeans, PJ's even swim gear! It's from Fri.day and it's great. It's flexi, it's realistic and it's super SUUUPER cute. Like whoa kinda cute!

Now onto the accessories. I'll start with the necklace. I've actually had this necklace for about as long as I've been around. It's from [Baby Couture] and it's great. They have every letter available (of course mine is R). It's pretty neat because you can get one with your bestie's letter on it too! So it's great! Moving dooowwwnnn, on my *turns and thinks* right hand- I have something that was given to me by a great person. It's a mimic of Bella Swan's (twilight) bracelet in ring, that's become a staple in the story. The opal ring is there too if you look closely. These are from P!nk and they actually have a small shop dedicated to Twilight jewellery and even shapes! On my left wrist I have another twilight piece, it's a mimic of Bella's Swan's charm Bracelet. One side it has the little wolf Jacob gives her and on the other is the diamond charm from Edward *sighs dreamily*.  The charm bracelet is from *Kukuvaya* (you can actually buy it on Xstreet!). Sliding back up to my mouth, I have a super cute mouthie. It's a little necklace mouthie with the sweeetest guitar charm. This is from Lacie Cakes! It's cute because it actually comes with a multiple layer necklace piece!

Okayy! My LOTD. The dress and socks, I actually JUST picked up. It's from CCC, called Mandy in Blue and from her newest release! It's super cute and it comes in a long and short version! Now, if you're like me, and you love dresses but aren't a fan of fancy shoes, then you probably wear sneakers with everything. Don't get me wrong, I'm girly, but I like my sneakers! The SolStars are from Babydoll's Boutique, and they're great! She even has them in different colours! And that is it! My LOTD!

Deena Hair - Fri.day
"P!" Bella's Opal Bracelet (Twilight)- P!nk
*BB* Solstars Jewel-pink - Babydoll's Boutique
Bella's Bracelet [Boxed]- *Kukuvaya*
Eyelashes "Chunky" - :CANDY: 
Elf- :Curio:
Frenchy Nails (real teal) - [ Scoop ]
Tragic Eyes - Grey - :Curio:
Necklace Box R- [BabyCouture]
Mandy in Blue - CCC
Symphony Necklace & NomNom- *LC*

Have fun, Be True and Stay You,

Riley Sapphire- xoxoxoxo