Sunday, October 10, 2010

The Sunshine's Calling My Name...

Oh my goodness, hai! I'm Telsey Topaz! *smiles like a dork* I am here to wrap up your week of AMAZING Cosmic Scribbles newness! I am so excited to be joining this awesome group of girls, who have impressed me with their fabulous posts all week! I will be coming to you, live on location, from some random sim, every Saturday! So, Sunday through Friday I will be doing what I do best (shopping) and looking for ADULT stores that have great stuff for kids! Yes, there are tons of amazingly talented kids designers out there, who make adorable stuff for us kids! But, you also can find fantastic stuff in adult stores that - with a little bit of modding (and, sometimes, some patience) - can give you a great look! OK! On with the clothes!!

We are well into Fall, up here in the Northeast, and I am loving the cooler air and warmer clothes. Its my favorite time of year to go outside and play! And nothing is better than playing outside in your favorite sweatshirt and jeans. They're so cozy, they keep you warm and you don't have to worry about getting dirty, because your Mommy can just toss them in the wash when you're done!

This sweatshirt from Couverture is my absolute favorite! Its totally cute, so easy to wear and totally awesome for kids! It goes perfectly with my most favorite jeans, from So Many Styles. And, if there is one thing in the kids world I could absolutely never go with out - Its sneakers from Larnia Kids. Here, I have on Larnia's Khuckers Wheels on the Bus it!

My second favorite sweatshirt comes from Arai. It comes in so many colors and is so easily modded to fit a smaller avatar! I wear it every time its clean! I even have my friend Ray-Ray loving it! When its warm enough, I throw on the amazingly, kid friendly, Shack Shorts from Surf Co. Or, like Ray-Ray, some cute boyfriend jeans, like these from Milk Motion. Again, I have on my favorite shoes from Larnia Kids, this time I have on Khuckers Moooo Lo-Top - so fun! And Ray has on everyone's favorites, UBU PornStar Lo-Tops!

*Takes a big breath* Whew! That was so fun! I hope you all enjoy and get outside to play in your super cute, super cozy sweatshirts this weekend!!


  1. Super cute Telsey! So excited to see more finds from you :)

  2. I'm so excited someone finally blogged the Arai sweatshirts for kids! They are soo adorable and so is this post! :D