Friday, October 8, 2010

It's the Great Pumpkin.. Oh Wait...

 *Jumps up and down so excited * Hiya! I'm Kenzie and I am your 50 L Friday and LOTD girl, hmm a little about me .. I am a triplet With two boys I know right .. giggles I have the best family I know I know everyone says that. I go to Oceanside Elementary School, and I practically live there, I love shopping, my friends, my family, games , and some sports like soccer, I am also on the dance team.. and oh yes I've Mentioned shopping before .. Well thats why im doing 50 L friday * giggles* ... Okay so there were so many wonderful items today I couldn't help but get a few. I love being random, and different and so you won't know what im gonna say , So for my first blog I've chosen a lot of randomness stuff!

*Fair Warning this post is gonna have a few pictures* Okay we all know that Halloween is coming up and everyone has been talking about it. Where to get what you need for the Perfect Halloween Decorations, or even really cool Mouthies for the time leading up to Halloween. In my shopping experiences this morning I foud  this awesome pumpkin patch, that has some really cool rides, some fun things to do, decorations, mouthies, a pumpkin hunt * Find the little pumpkins in the patch that have faces *  There are three of them out so far .. Where is this place you ask ?? It's  Sprinkles and Bingles! That's right they have quite a few  things to do there, It was fun shopping there ! Most of the decorations are 25 L and they have three or four 50 L items including headstones, and flashing pumpkin lights.  They also have some really neat  Gacha Machines, holding bookmarks ,and little Halloween Candy Cauldrons that give you and your friends a candy nom nom when you click it  The Patch itself is up there * points*
Here is some of the decorations I found while I was there and totally awesomeness 50 L stuff! The mouthie is below that.There was alot of cool randomness at this store!

Next On our adventures of randomness is some poses that I found from Bang, This is totally cool  lift up pose for you and your Parent. The next pose is the teekle  pose from Small Poses presented by Larnia Kids This pose is sooo cuteness, The last pose is  a trick or treat pose from Just Kidding .  I didn't get a pic of the other two poses but check em out anyways because they rock!

There is a ton of awesomeness on todays 50 L Friday I'm totally sorry I couldnt blog everything, But im gonna close with the look of the day and it comes from Larnia Kids * Black Cat* and Candii Kittens *Spinster Dress* As you can see they are totally cute and all decked out for Halloween.. 
Black Cat * Larnia Kids
Ghost Mouthie * Wonder Kids Halloweener Peeps
Hair* Sabrina by Truth

Spinster Dress* Candii Kitten
Hair* Jaiden by Maitreya


  1. Welcome aboard Kenzie!! So happy to see your 1st blog. Lowi5!!!

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  3. Wooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo thats my girl!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Awwwwh! I am so proud of you Godbaby!! I love your post! I want that mouthie! Gimme!