Sunday, October 10, 2010

... Pssst! It's 5 a.m. & I can't think of a title!!!

I couldn't sleep & knew I had to get this post done before RL soccer game. So I'm feeling a bit of a bum & relaxin. Why not do a fast LOTD PJ style!!! Lets just cut to the chase, so I can get back to bed!!! :)

These are my all time favorite pjs. My dino footies from Reek!!! I actually have these in pink too but shhh I had to get them to match the family. I pretty much only wear my blues now.

And as always in my arms, my Hobbes from Reek. The fun colorful elephant behind me is made by Tuft by jemima Clowes. (Some reason the lm isn't working for me) *gasps* The elephant changes colors when you click it too, so lots of different colors to choose from. Last but not least the cute hair style that I have on today is as always for me from TRUTH - Sydney. This looks like hair before I went to bed, all nice and pretty looking.

This is what you're most likely going to see me in today. Its Sunday! Lazy days and esp. if *sneezes*... sorry bless me... you wake up at 5 a.m. wide awake!!! My bed from Little Boxes and of course Penny waiting for me. I went to their lm & couldn't find the kids furniture anymore.

Hair is from TRUTH - Gracie aka "bed head" style. All time favorite kicks are from Soreal. My comfy and one of my fav. sweatpants are from NoaR. These do show like you're wearing red shorts/boxers under them. You can see the red a bit, but you can always wear a jacket style shirt to cover if you don't like. And last but not least the baseball t unicorn shirt from Aitui. Both of these are from adult stores, so always be careful when buying certain items. You need to make sure you check the neck line area. You pretty much will always see me wearing something from adults stores it seems. Just the tomboy I guess in me. :)

Well there you guys & gals have it! Yay, checks blog off my list of things to do today. Wow I'm on a roll. Its uber early and I'm getting things checked off. Now to keep up with that today. :) 3 more weeks exactly to Halloween! I have my costume ready but its a secert until my Halloween post! Eeks! You all ready for some candy??? CHOCOLATE!!!!!!!!!!!!

Lowi's Weekly Shoutout: Happy 10/10/10!!!
(did you know Jeff Gordon had a boy on 8/9/10? hehee)

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