Monday, October 11, 2010

1492 Columbus Sailed The Ocean Blue

Haiii! So today's blog has NOTHING to do with Columbus, but since it is Columbus Day in the USA, I felt the need to make a nod to it. *nods to it*

Moving on! Today is Monday and Monday's will soon signify... POSES! So to kick off my weekly pose blog, I've decided to check out BC Munchkins. No one seemed to be online, so I was looking for poses with only one person and BAM I landed right on the cupcake pose! I was so excited, I didn't wait for the picture to rez and I just bought it, ready to shove my face into a cupcake! Upon arriving back to my sim to do my photo, I realized it was a TWO PERSON POSE. Woops! Off in the distance, I saw a random person and attacked her! I needed someone to eat my cupcake. Poor Cara Mocha has become my guinea pig. *rubs her hands together deviously* Below is what came of it.

She is wearing an outfit from Inner Peace, and I didn't even give the poor thing enough time to put on shoes. Sorry! Haha, but she attacked my cupcake from BC Munchkins and as you can see in the photo, I was not happy. MINNNNEEE! I don't share well. I have references to confirm. Haha.

I was wearing an adorable outfit named Lacie from Dream Doll. Dream Doll is Giselle Melune's store and she is a rather new designer, but makes some awesome stuff! Check her store out and you'll see what I mean! Also, the hair I thought was just too cute, it's from this store that I apparently visited a long time ago and forgot I had...until I cleaned my inventory up some yesteday... Fascino, check it out!


Outfit: Lacie from Dream Doll
Hair: Cram Blonde by Fascino
Skin: Plain Jane by Mynerva

Sorry this was so short, I lost track of days and forgot today was Monday! I hope everyone in the USA had a great Columbus Day and everyone not... had a great Monday!


  1. lol yus mini momma dont like to share at all! lol great post now dont scare the poor ppl and make them pose for u :-P

  2. thank youu! *muah* now who's your next cupcake victim? :0