Monday, June 14, 2010

We are the crowddd-- we're comin outt.. Papa-Paparazzi

*sneaks a peek around the door and looks in* Shhh. I am making sure my Mom isn't around.

I am so bored today and can't play outside cause it's raining. So while I was dancing around and singing in my new Ladybug wings (that a very sweet and very adorable Tiny named Lorimae gave me) I happened to  glance down at my tshirt from [C]upCakeZ and I was like WOW! I can be Lady Gaga!

I am not really supposed to be playing around in my Mommy's clothes and stuff.. But well.. a kid has to do what a kid has to do.  So lets be really quiet and I will show you what neat stuff Mommy has in here.

First I found some amazing Lady Gaga diamond sunglasses that were perfect. Then I started looking for some shoes. Now mommy loves her shoes I think there were like a gazillion pairs. She owns just about every color from Pixel Mode except the color I was looking for *hmmm* and then I spotted them. a pair she borrowed from Nana.. and I knew Nana wouldn't mind.
After I was done putting the shoes on, which were only a little too big. I glanced up and see something amazing, I grabbed it down and put it around my neck. It was a boa from Callie Cline. Oh this is an oldie but goodie. I have wore this one before. Sadly I had to take off my wings. Cause the boa and the wings just didn't work for Lady Gaga you know.
Next I found some of the most awesome Leggings. My Gpa makes them over at Luck. Inc. They come in all kinds of Colors. And they match just about anything. Almost everything else he makes is for adult girls so when I grow up I know where I am gonna shop!. Get your parents to take you to get some of these awesome Leggings.  After that, I grabbed one of my awesome jean skirts from I love this skirt and with the leggings it works perfectly.

*strikes a pose* I think Lady Gaga would be proud! *stops typing for a second* Oh No I think I hear Mommy. I will be back on Monday. I better put her stuff  back up! *waves*

Keep Playing! And never forget why you are kids! If you do, ask your friends they will remind you :)

Abby <3

Lady Gaga tshirt- [C] upCakeZ
Lady Gaga Glasses-Diamond Glasses
Shoes- [PM] Baby T's Plain : Lime- Pixel Mode
fri. - Denim Skirt (Black)-
"RAIN BOWA- Callie Cline

The Closet- Built by Click- Poses done by Katey Coppola at Glitterati

Oh, Keep updated about Camp Hardknock, which should be starting soon. Check out their blog

I am also working on doing a blog post on a lot of the kid and family friendly RFL Items, so please if you have something you would want posted- Drop me a notecard with the SLURL, and if you are on plurk, please PP me there.