Sunday, June 13, 2010

The Big Bad Blogger Challenge

Miss Alicia Chenaux over at Ch'know has started the Big Bad Blogger Challenge; and even though we post almost everyday anyway we thought we would join in the challenge, and blog about some of the topics she offers. Maybe you might learn some more about us!
Head on over there to check it out and sign up for your own blog! I am taking the first topic, but dont forget to come back everyday for the next daily blogs from my fellow scribblers <3

Todays Topic: Why did you become a blogger? How has it enriched your life?

I can safely speak for all of us when i say that one of our main reasons for wanting to be a part of this blog was to provide a blog for kid avs by kid avs. There were many around when we started this blog, but not ones that were updated often. So Daisie & Jamie asked us to help them set it up, and make a blog that the kid av community could be proud of! And that would help showcase the talent and products of kid avs alike.

Personally being a blogger was something i wanted to do because i love writing. Most people don't know this about me, in fact, i am pretty sure none of the scribblers do, but i write quite alot in my spare time. Nothing good, i just like to jot things down randomly during the day. It helps me think about things, or help me get ideas for work projects etc.
When i was asked to join Cosmic Scribblers it seemed only natural to want to do it; to progress to writing something that someone might actually read for once!

How has it enriched my life? Well we've only been doing it for a short time now but it feels like we've been doing it forever. It certainly has made my SL more fun, and gives me something to think about during the week. What will i blog on my next day!? What new pictures can i take!?
It's certainly made me practice my photography more often which is definately a plus.
But the most important thing blogging has given me is the friendship of my fellow Scribblers. Doing this as a team has been one of the best things i've ever done in my whole slife. We were all friends already, but i now consider each of my fellow scribblers to be the sisters of my heart. They've helped me through so much; and i can't thank them enough.

So whilst blogging brings me fun, and gives me something to enjoy and a reason to shop, of course! It also has brought me closer to some of the people dearest to me and nothing can beat that.


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  1. You smell like cheese,
    I see you and think, "Sistah, please!"
    'Cos you ain't no swagger,
    and your stench turns me into a gagger.
    But your blog is cool,
    so what... if you're still a fool?

    xoxo, your sissy.