Thursday, June 17, 2010

Somewhere Over the Rainbow

Aloha Readers! I'm in a grouchy mood today, and i just wanted to sit outside and enjoy the sunshine. I was nicely joined by some of my family so we dragged the sofa outside and lounged around for a little while.

 Look how cute this couch is! Its the new release at { dollipops } who has just gone into making furniture. They come in two colours, one with a white wood base and the other with a mid-tone distressed wood base - that include 13 cushion textures change when you click them.  There's 4 poses built in too so it's perfect to hang out on.

Aunty Liz was lounging around on the floor playing around on her laptop, until she passed out and facepalmed the keyboard that is. We poked her until she woke up, but she claimed she only fell asleep because me and Janey were a handful to babysit. Little does she know that we heard her muttering to herself about drinking too much :O

The Laptop is a freebie at Glitterati by the very genorous Miss Katey :) It can be found in the mainstore, but beware! If you go and grab it chances are you wont leave with just that, because There's a Sale On!

*points up at the pictures* All those pretty clothes we're wearing are from the following places

Frannie's outfit (thats me!) : Babydolls
Jane's Outfit: Top from Candy, Shorts from Surf Co
Liz's Outfit: All from Surf Co

That's all for today! I think i'm going to grab one of my books or some pencils and go draw and read in the sun with this playing in my ears!

Much Love, Francii


  1. Very cute!!!

    PS- I'm a good aunty, I don't drink and babysit. :P