Saturday, June 19, 2010

A little girl is sugar and spice, and everything nice - especially when she's taking a nap.

Project Themeory! Have you shopped the list? If you don't normally, this week is a good week to start. Every week, certain stores come up with a special item that fits a theme (hence the name!). This weekend's theme is Childhood Nostalgia.

I picked up a few things today cuz not everything on the list is suitable for kids. Check it out!

This is from {what next?} an adorable little furniture shop with so much cute stuff. If you haven't been there, go check it out! This sleepover daybed has twelve animations, and comes with the little teddy bear and stack of fairy tales that you can move and put anywhere you like. This was only 75L - can you believe it?!

My t-shirt in that picture is the Themeory item from Duboo - there are two choices there, one for boys and one for girls, but they're both so cute, I bought them all. The shirts come with sippy cup mouthies that match, too. My shoes are the bunny flats from Atomic, and my pink jeans are from Bellies, and they come in lots more colours too. 

From Theosophy, I grabbed these headphones - can you see what's on the side? Unicorns! *squee!* They come in aqua and peach! They're 75L too. My t-shirt is the boys' version of the Duboo one I mentioned up there. And my sweatpants are from Fri.Day - don't they look cozy? They're not part of Project Themeory, but still comfy for a Saturday. :) My hair's Molly from Truth and my shoes are the ever-popular ETD demi-trainers, in moonbeam.

Short post, but I hope it was helpful and fun!
<3 Luff,
Janey xoxox


  1. Girl I love you! Good Job on todays post! :D

  2. Gurl, ILY too. <3

  3. O.o so cute! Adorable as usual <33