Friday, June 18, 2010

Hold me secure in flight, sing me to sleep tonight.

Yay, it's Friday! With the help of some of the other Scribblers, I've got bunches of cute stuff to show you this week. With Father's Day being Sunday, lots of stores put out Dad-themed stuff, too! :)

The first thing I did when I woke up this morning was put my sister Frannie in time-out. She needs it! And the 50L item from Sassafras, this pink time-out chair with four poses, was perfect.

She looks so happy to be there, doesn't she? Her outfit is one of the 50L items from Larnia Kids this week - it says I <3 My Dad on the shirt, and even comes with the shoes too. She's wearing the new skin from Pink Fuel, and her hair is from - it's called Tatum.2.

Next, Lady Gaga - I mean, Abby! - stopped by and posed for us on the front porch. I sooo wanted to give her a microphone and ask for a concert. *giggles*

She's wearing the 50L outfit from Chelsea's Children's Clothes (it's called Jane - wooo!). It even comes with the shoes, and the shirt says, "Daddy's Girl." In her mouth, she's got an iPod (hope it's not mine, ew!) from Gigglebox - it's just 50L there this week. The sculpted earbuds are so amazing, you have to check them out. I squeed in RL! :D

Here's me again! I'm wearing the 50L item from Babydoll's - it's called Lauren. I love love love the sandals and as always, the colours are so summery. I might not change for awhile, actually! My glasses are from Gritty Kitty - they're the Prehistoric Glasses that you've probably seen Jamie and Frannie wearing a lot.

This dress is 50L at Bunny Creek this week. I love the colours! It comes with sandals but I matched it with my own, Freedom Flops from Surf Co, instead. My hair is Tesa from Truth. :)

Next I stopped by QT's Closet and grabbed her 50L item - this cute summer outfit with the shorts I love so much.

It even comes with the flip-flops with bows on them. My hair is Minx 2 from Truth. Oh, next to me is my cat's bed and his food and water. I'll have to see if I can feature him in a post sometime - he's so cute! :)

At SMALL, you can grab this three-person pose. Riley (far-right) is wearing the 50L item from Inner Peace. Colourful, huh? She's also got a set of jammies out (mostly cuz I bugged her to do them - I loooove jammies!) for 50L too. Apparently it was glasses day, cuz me, Frannie, Abby and Riley all had glasses on in our pictures! :D

Lastly, from Bellies, I got this talking duck for 50L. No lie, you talk in Local Chat and it has a conversation with you. I laugh soooo hard! You definitely have to grab this one. There's also a talking panda, a talking rabbit and a talking goose but the duck is the 50L one. :D

For my LOTD up there in that picture, I have on a t-shirt from a new-to-me shop called BUTT-ERR (I know, I know, funny name!). It says, "Let love rain down on me," on it. :) My jeans are from Maitreya and are the Boyfriend Jeans. And my boots are from UBU - they're the retro rain boots. Cool, huh?

Have a sparkly weekend! <3


  1. Luffly sissy!
    I love how i'm always the messy, naughty one lol *shakes head*

  2. We're journalists, Francii. We MUST report the truth.

  3. Too Cyoot! That Duck is totally boss by the way!