Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Color Me Oh Color Baby....

Hey! I've got a small but cool post for you guys today as I steer from the normal hairy routine! I actually had a place all planned but I'm pushing it back to next week for this cool little LOTD!

I look a little like rainbow mashup today don't I? I love it and I love colours so so much and it's summer which means we should all totally be wearing lots of bright colours! Now, today as I was totally retexturing anything I could get my hands on really. Loren Pfeffer, the creator of CANDY released and instead of opening the notecard like really, any person would I just went to the store and saw this totally cool idea she had for an outfit- well outfits really! It's pretty cool, she's got a Mix and Match thing going on! You first pick your color jumper they're all black but the pocket and straps vary in a range of different colors. Then you pick your shirt so you could make it the same colour as your jumper color or totally different like me. Then you pick your choice in leggings, and THEN you pick your skirt and the lace color varries too so you can again, mix or match! There are seriously SO many possibilities so you and your friends can either ALL look the same with the EXACT same color or each wear ONE colour OR all wearing crazy colours, sorta like I did! She actually has really awesome sandals that go with the outfits too! So take a look at those.

One MY feet I am wearing sneakers from the newest release from Babydoll's Boutique called *BB* Jewelled Ribbon Solstars. Really this takes sparkly and awesome to a whole new level. The Laces change color and the SHOE changes color and the the Jewels TOO change color! They truly go with anything and can be warn in SO many different ways! *points to her hair* Shhh! Do not tell my mama about the pink! I THINK it's washable... I waited until she was alsleep to do this! Haha on my hair I have one from TRUTH called >TRUTH< Sylvia Streaked. They streaks also come in a large collection of colors like everything else in this post! You can wear it streaked or not streaked, both options come together when you buy it so you don't have to fret about making a choice! Totally practical right?!  It's actually a very cute hair!

Now lastly for my two acessories, one I have blogged before so I'll just touch base with it again. The *LC* E (SS) KIDS - To the Moon and Back Neclace for LacieCakes, it was a gift from my mama and I love it! In my mouth the awesome *LC* C - Candy Necklace NomNom also from LacieCakes.. is something I've had actually for a very long time and to this day still wear it! It always makes me crave candy though!! It's a traditional candy necklace that I'm sure we've all had! Both pieces are awesome and SO great!

That is all! Short post but exploding with color! Hope you have a very safe and loving week! Remember to get your colour on!!

Until Next Time,
   Riley Sapphire.


  1. MISMATCHED! you're my hero!!

  2. Really.. make up. On a child avatar. As if they're not inappropriate enough.

  3. child avatars are not innapropriate, however..your thoughts on child avatars are. Get a life

  4. Very cute riley!

    And to Anonymous: Live and let live. You don't like it, move along. No one cares what you think anyway.

  5. Really.. commenting on a blog as ANONYMOUS? How inappropriate! Grow some balls or a spine.

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