Saturday, June 12, 2010

If my heart was a house, you'd be home.

Happy Saturday, Scribblers-readers! :) I'm here just for today, filling in for Jamie who's hard at work in RL - we're so proud of her though, right? In keeping with her tradition, I found some adorable furniture for you, from a store I discovered when its owner plurked some new releases. (You /are/ on Plurk, right?) :-)

It's called DORK, and the furniture (and even some clothes!) is too cute for words - you just have to go see it for yourself. Check out what I found!

First I grabbed this play kitchen and I think it was only 200L or something insanely inexpensive like that. The textures are SO shabby-chic and it has fun animations for you, too! The pink thing on the left is the fridge, then there's a stove and oven, cabinets, a shelf with cookie mix (mmmm!) and a mixing bowl that you can really mix!

Isn't the little hand towel on the side so cute? And look, it's just our size! So even though we might not be allowed to use the stove in the grown-up kitchen, we can make treats and snacks in our own kitchen, now. :) Oh, my jammies are from mocha - they're called ruffles jammies in pink. And my hair is Truth's Sable.

Look what else I found there!

This is from the gacha machine at DORK - you pay 75L and get one of four different toy boxes! This one's pink (yay!) and has toys spilling out, just like if my sister had been in my room. >.> See the blanky too? That's how I definitely know it's mine. :-)

Last but not least, I have this adorable doll shelf, with so many little things included on it - check it out!

I love stuff like this, that when you first glance at it, you see it but you might miss something because there are so many hidden details. I loved the picture frame that you can put your very own picture in, and the stack of books, plus the little stuffed zebra, and the vase of flowers. The sparkly lights add such a cute touch, too! And the textures are love.

DORK has so much more stuff to look at - entire bedroom sets, a birdcage with a bird that really sings, dolly photo frames and even summery shoes. If you stop by, I bet I'll still be there, drooling over all the cute stuff - I love it! :)

Janey <3


  1. yayyy cute post Janey I have to go check her store out :)

  2. Awww ! love it janey! thankyou so much! means alot =D

  3. Aww is adorable stuff! Dork makes some cute stuff I have seen it with my own eyes! Great post Jane.