Friday, May 7, 2010

Who told you you're allowed to rain on my parade?

Hey everyone! It's been raining non-stop this week, but even still, I waded through the monsoons to find some cute stuff for 50L. *grins* Ready to get started?

I have on two 50L items in that picture - from Inner Peace, you can get a whole set of school-themed mouthies; I've got a pencil in my mouth, and that huggable notebook, but it also comes with a crayon and pen mouthie, too! On my wrist is one of the 50L choices from Prettiful - a cute, fun, summery lollipop bracelet. Don't try to eat it though, even though it looks so yummy! *giggles*

Oh, before I forget. My hair in that picture is Milla from Truth, and the outfit I'm wearing is a sneak-peek at one of Babydoll's new releases for Babydoll's Boutique. Just wait 'til you see what amazingly-keyyyuuuttteeee stuff she's got for us!

I was super impressed with the cuddle chair from Jumpin' Jacks, mostly because I never, ever see cuddle-things for more than one kid and one parent. This one has multiple sits for 1 kid, 2 kids, or 3 kids to sit with their parent. Super awesome, right? Frannie and I dragged one of our favourite cuddly adults to test it out, and look!

 Eeee, I love snuggles! I'm wearing the 50L item from Aura's, called America's Sweetheart. I love love love the sculpted cuffs on the shorts, ohmygosh. My sandals are a former 50L item from Surf Co, but I bet you can still buy them at the shop at regular price. My hair is Molly, from Truth. I love the adorable side ponytail - it reminds me of how Mommy would do my hair if we were rushing out the door!*grins*

Frannie's wearing one of Babydoll's new releases too, called Evie. She's obsessed with her new hair; it's called Isidora, and it's one of the new releases from Truth. Usually Frannie's blonde - what do you think of the new darker hair? :D Frannie's jelly sandals are the 50L item from Baby Couture and they change to TONS of different colours so  they can match any outfit!

Speaking of Baby Couture and the Jubilee sim, definitely pick up this boat ride from [SiA] for just 50L. We had so much fun going round and round in these little boats - it was super relaxing at the same time. Check it out -

 You make the boats start and stop just by saying those words, and the boats are colour- change as well, to like.. more colours than you can probably even think of! I can imagine many summer days lazing around in these boats, just talking - or plotting, if the rest of the Scribblers are around. *giggles*

Okay so, kids are always needing to find creative ways to make money, right? Never fear, this week's 50L item from Sassafras is the solution! Look, it's a lemonade stand!

I think this is the cutest thing EVER! It has three poses and then a sign for another person to hold. Abby was off working on more amazing stuff for you all, so I manned the lemonade stand all by myself - this time! *gets my whip ready*

Except no one came to buy lemonade. I thought I might have to work harder, so I got up and started shouting! Lemonade, anyone? We put extra sugar in it!

 But nope, no one came to buy lemonade today. So I decided to have a pout and snack on some of the lemons. :D Yummmm!
Definitely pick this up at Sassafras - you TOTALLY can't miss this!

And last but not least, I picked up the 50L item from Babydoll's, called Saffron. You can never have enough cute summer dresses, right? I love the colours on this one - not too flashy but still eye-catching.

Eee, so cute, right? My hair in that picture is called Nicole, and it's from The hat is part of the hair, not the outfit. :D My flipflops are from Surf Co, and I'm sure you've seen them before cuz I wear them all the time. Oh, and my pose is from :: StoRin :: - you have to check that place out if you like poses, ohmygosh.

Okay, my allowance has run out and that means it's time to sign off for this week. Don't forget our new feature - if you need advice or have a question about anything, write to us! . We love hearing from you. :D

Have a fantastic weekend!
Love, Jane


  1. Squeeee! Cute and awesome as always janey <33

  2. Sooo helpful Jane!! Such an awesome post! Good job!! <3

  3. So cute and thanks so much for the BC and Jubilee shouts...

  4. Thank you!! :D