Tuesday, May 4, 2010

When I can't find my way home anymore...

*Pulls out her notes and clears her throat waving. Whispers "Hi Mom."*
Happy beginning of the week readers! So I've got a bunch for you today some cuteness and some awesome hair styles for you to check out! So I'll stop blabbering and get right to it!

So while this is a KNOWN store, it is also one of my favourites. So I've picked out a handful of my favourites from TRUTH for you all to experience!

I think the best thing about Truth hair is that it's pretty much 100% kid friendly. It's easy to resize for those of you, like me, that have a smaller head. The styles are SO diverse, literally there is every style in there and amazingly he still comes out with new ones! The one I have on above is called Giselle. It's probably the MOST popular with us kids because it's so so cute and sweet. I mean, it's pigtails! You can dress it up with clips and bows and it's just so so great. This is a MUST have hair in your SL kid inventory!

The next hair on the docket is Truth's Emme hair. I so so love it. it's great when I'm running around at home or swimming and keeps my hair up! The long pretty tie changes into SO many different colours so it goes with a lot. It's super easy to resize, again if you have a smaller head. And it's awesomely kid friendly! This can be worn casually or even with a pretty flowery dress!

It's summer time! So short hair is in!! This style is called Isle- now I'm wearing Cocoa from The Dark Brown's pack through this whole post by the way. It's a short but really an adorable hair for us little kids! It's awesomely messy and I love looove wearing it when I'm helping around the house or just hanging around with friends outside. It's short so it's it keeps me cool! I usually wear it though with a few bows and stuff too!

Now before I move onto my outfit since I decided to keep it simple this week, I want to turn your attention to the mouthie necklace I have. If you look close I'm wearing a different one in every photo. They're all from Hep-C. The maker is Jimbob Abruzzo and seriously, these necklaces are super cute. I've got three different ones on throughout this post The 'Chew on this Strawberry', 'Chew on this Eclipse', and 'Chew on this Cherry'. I've got a close up of the cherry one below and it's definitely one of my favourite pieces right now! Now there are a BUNCH more to choose from when you go and check them out. But a warning, it's not a 'kids' store. There are piercings and stuff in there, but these right now are right at the front! You should go grab them and check out some of the necklaces too, because they're SO so pretty! The necklaces, you may need to resize slightly, depending on your kid shape. But it's SO worth it! So go! Check out Hep C!


I've already covered my hairs and mouthies so this is gonna be fast! This shirt I saw on friday when I went to Wonderkids. If you're a Twilight fan, GO. No, if you like tees and really neat stuff, GO! They have a bunch of shirts you'll loove! This one is my favourite, because it made me laugh! It's cute and you can wear it with shorts or jeans! Here I have it paired with Babydoll Boutique's Genie Bunny Pants and running shoes! I love these shoes and these pants! They're pink and so pretty. Infact the full outfit is adorable!

Breeze Skin- Curio
Chunky Lashes- ::Candy::

Poses Used: Fri.day & Glitterati

And that is it! Hope you have an amazing and SUPER safe week! *Gives you all biiiiiiig hugs*

Riley Sapphire

P.S. Thank you to our readers. We were mentioned in this week's Second Style Magazine, page 58! Have a read. We love you guys!


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  3. aww thanks for checkin out wonderkids! you rock =]