Thursday, May 6, 2010

We are so aDORKable!

*flops on the floor & curls up* Wow this week is going quickly, and i've been super busy with lots of projects in SL i've barely had time to sit down.
One of the things, of course, that i try to do every week is to bring you some awesome new poses to check out. Well today with the help of abby & Janey i have done just that.
The lovely Adorkable Peapod of aDORKable Poses got in touch with fellow scribbler abby and passed her some of her newest releases, so today me & janey will be showing you just how adorkable you can look.

These two sets that i'm going to show you are totally awesome and perfect for group shots. Each Set is L$250 and i think that is awesome for the poses you get in them!
First up we have the aDORKable Poses: The In Crowd group set. This set has a bunch of poses for up to 5 people so it's awesome for posing with your friends or family. *point at the pretty one in blue* Oh hey! that's me. I love that pose so much. I'm just nonchalantly leaning. It's got to be my favourite in the pose set.

Here's another shot of one of the other poses. Janey was ready for her naptime so i let her laze around on the floor for a bit longer!
Those outfits we are both wearing are the Kaydia outfit from Babydoll's Boutique. It is one of my favourite outfits because the dress is so flouncy and cute, and looks awesome with the lacey capris that come with it.
I also paticularly want to point out the hair i'm wearing. It's one of Truth's new releases today, Isidora. I love love love the braid across the front and the side ponytail. I really am never going to change my hairstyle...well maybe until next week at least!

The next set is aDORKable Poses: Reflection. This is the matching version to 'The In Crowd' Pose above and can fit one or two people. There are a bunch of poses in it so me and Sissy picked out our favourite ones.

That pose there has to be my favourite from this set. Look at me hanging upside down! Weeeee!
Now i obviously had to change, otherwise i would be flashing you all my knickers, and that would be totally embarassing and all my family would laugh at me :( So me & Jane quickly changed, and guess what we kinda match again!

Outfit 1
On Francii: 
Outfit: * BB * Kaydia in Blue
Hair: Truth Isidora- Caramel

On Jane:
Outfit: * BB * Kaydia in Pink
Hair: Truth Nadia- Toffee

Outfit 2
On Francii: 
Outfit: * BB * Ragdolly Bunny outfit & shoes
Hair: Truth Isidora- Caramel

On Jane:
Outfit: * BB * Stitched Bunny outfit & shoes
Hair: Truth Camilla- Toffee

aDORKable Poses: The In Crowd
aDORKable Poses: Reflection

That's all for today, cause i think i need to curl up with some hot chocolate...with marshmallows of course :D
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Peace out,
Frannie  xoxo

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