Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Ask the Scribblers: Balancing Act.

Helloooo Cosmic Scribbles!!!
Well first I should say it's an honor to be writing to my fav SL's the problem though.
So my friend and I have been close as ever, we have only been friends for a couple of months but we are still very...tight. So as you all know, RL comes before SL and I was having some RL problems. So that kept me away from my beshtie for a week!! :( so when I came back on (finally ) my mom and I went shopping and spent time mother & daughter :D
But then my friend started getting mad at me because I was away Nd only wanted to hang out with my mom.. But, like
Come on!! I haven't seen her in a week and any time my friend misses her Mom she BRINGS her along with us!! I NEVER had a problem with that!! So what do you girls think of this? Is my friend a goood friend? How should I tell her how I feel-without hurting her?
Thanks :D

Dear Reader,

We definitely understand trying to balance friends and family, making everyone feel included and important. It’s especially difficult because our time actually logged into SL is limited by real life commitments, so we want to make every moment count. After talking about it, we came up with a few conclusions and suggestions we hope you’ll find helpful.

First, it’s okay for you to want and need time with just you and your Mom, especially since you hadn’t seen her in a week. We think family time is super important!

Along the same lines, we don’t think your friend is a bad friend at all. It’s clear that she misses you and that shows she cares a lot about you, you know? It might be that your friend just needs some extra reassurance about your friendship, and everyone needs that some time.

We thought you might want to plan something special for just you and your friend to do together. Maybe you could go shopping together and then take pictures wearing your new outfits, or go to see a movie in an SL theater. Maybe you could have a sleepover with just that one friend, and try on crazy hairstyles, or play SL Truth or Dare.
Also, we think you should plan something with both of your families. So your friends’ family and your family could do something together – that way, it’s not just her bringing her mom along. You’d have your family there too. The more the merrier, right?

Anyhow, we hope we helped even a little bit. To summarize, don’t feel guilty for wanting mommy-time; your friend isn’t a bad friend, she just misses you; plan something special for the two of you and definitely plan a family day!

The Scribblers

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