Sunday, May 9, 2010

Sooo Fabuloussss!!

Ohai readers! Frannie here *waves*
Today i am collaborating with my dear bestie Jamie...well in fact, im stealing her pictures and blogging for her. But shhhh!
Last week we were dropped the most amazing skybox from Pre Fabulous! We couldn't resist blogging it because we were running around squealing when we rezzed it. So here goes, *squeaaaaal*

Everything in the pictures is included! It's just awesome. Well everything except me and Jamie, you can't have us. Our mommie's would be sad!
The Toybox skybox comes with so many awesome features. Like the very cute treehouse by the window!

The treehouse has to be my favourite part. The Swing is animated with sit pose and swing, and the comfy chairs all have poses in them too! It's fabulous. The shadows in the build are so awesome and realistic too!

All the furniture above is totally cute, and the bed and den has multiple poses in it! Now all the furniture comes with it in the rezzer but can be picked up seperate so you can change it around and rez your own furniture.
Now we loved this so much that we tore down our scribbles HQ, and rezzed this skybox in it's place as our little hideout!
The picture's really dont do it justice so you have to go and see it! There is a rezzed version at the store you can teleport too and check it out! I'm certain you will love it just as much as we did.

For now, Peace out. I have to go say Happy Mother's day to Mommy!
I hope you all have a good Mother's day, fo whoever is celebrating!
Love Frannie & of course, Jamie

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  1. Eeeee!! Awesome post! And I love the pictures, too! Good job, girlies! <3