Monday, April 19, 2010

Always time for skating!

Happy Monday everyone!!  I hope you all had a great weekend!  I so wish the weekends would be longer. Honestly, we should have two day work weeks, and 5 day weekends.  *nods to myself and thinks*

Okay enough stalling. Time to get dressed. *groans a little*

Today I decided to wear some cool pants I found at Atomic over the weekend. This are perfect. I love purple and plaid just seems to be the in thing.
I never knew that Atomic had such neat stuff that would fit us kids. I was impressed and bought a hoodie and a Cardi too.  But for today I chose to wear a black leather jacket I bought at AOHARU a few months back. It took some modding to fit but it was well worth it.  This kind of jacket goes with just about anything, and besides it makes me look tough. (tries to look tough). My shirt comes from Babydoll's boutique, it is included in her Soda Pop outfit. It matches perfectly with the pants and the jacket.

Before I put my shoes on, I think I might need to work on my hair, it seems to have a mind of its own today. I tried and tried to comb it, but the back seems to keep sticking up, the hair is from Dernier Cri it actually is adorable, and its the type of hair you color yourself. You should check it out.

Okay, now the most exciting part of my outfit for today. My Shoes!! But you see they aren't just shoes, they have wheels! Yes Wheels, they are sooo cool.

They are called Wheely's and are made by Jill Caldera, they come in kids and adult sizes, so the whole family can get a pair.  Another thing cool about these is you can skate in the house.  If your mom says no skating in the house, you can just telling its not you skating, its your sneakers!

Oh yes,  I almost forgot. A friend makes the neatest mouthie sunglasses they are color change. You can find them at Playland Kids Store, I think they really fit just perfect with todays LOTD.

Its my nap time. Err I mean time for me to go ride my bike.. I am way too old for naps, not sure why I said that.
I did want to mention the Fantasy Faire that is going on now, I am going to be going over later today. From all I heard it is well worth the visit, some of the most wonderful, beautiful stuff in the fantasy world.

Hugs peoples!! Until next time!
Abby <3

Hair-Dernier Cri- Ava
Jacket- AOHARU-AOHARU_BT_RollupRidersJK
Tshirt- Babydoll's Boutique- Sodapop
Pants-ATOMIC-[ATOMIC] I <3 Plaid - Purple
Shoes-Wheely's- White/Purple Wheelys v2
Sunglasses- Playland Kids-Color Changing SunGlasses


  1. OMG adorable!!! :D Great job, Abbers!

  2. heee! cutee Abby <3 such an awesome pose!

  3. O.o I forgot to see where the poses were from *DUH ME* I will edit the post later <3 ty for reminding me Riles!! <3