Monday, March 15, 2010

Wow! Monday again already. The days are just flying by!

I had an outfit all picked out for today, and then Chelsea, over at CCC, decides to mess up my plans by having a very cute release. Not only is Chelsea one of the top kid designers for little girl clothes, she is also my bestie. So I figured it was as good a time as any to prove to the whole grid, I do wear dresses sometimes. Chelsea was my very first friend in SL. I met her when she would rather have watched all the Saw movies back to back, while sitting in horse poo, instead of making a prim skirt 'cause she was so worried she couldn't do it. And look at what she can do now!!

:::twirls around abit:::

This cute little sundress is named Christina, I absolutely love it. Not only is it one of my favorite colors, Light Blue, but its just so springy looking. She put cute little bows on each of the shoulders - I mean bows aren't really my thing, but look, they are just adorable. And I love the applique on the front. The dress just totally screams awesomesauce cuteness.

Now I am really not one for sandals, although the sandals that come with this dress are just as cute as the dress is and match perfectly. But as cute as the sandals are, I just can't run as fast in them as I can my UBU Pornstar Lo-Tops. These sneakers change to a ton of different colors so you can wear them with any outfit, including any dress, if you are like me and just have to have your sneakers on.
My hair comes from Gurl 6, this was my favorite hair for months, I wore it every day, I called it dreads for an 8 year old. I loved the braids and would color the bands to match whatever I was wearing that day. :)

Now even a tomboy loves to wear jewelry - well, this tomboy anyway.
My bracelets come from Babydolls, they are sold in the outfit Abella. I think Babydoll makes every style bracelet and every color you could ever need, and they are sold with the most adorable clothes.
The anklet, I wear as often as possible, as long as it doesn't detach anything else I am wearing. I would kinda look funny wearing boots and having one boot top off so I can wear the anklet, huh? I found it last year at Incandescent Artichoke, and since then it very rarely comes off.
I bet you figured I probably fall down a lot and I do, I am always needing bandaids, they have become a necessity in my life as a kid. These scooby bandaids came from CANDY, Loren Pfeffer has them in 5 different styles, even Pink *wrinkles my nose*
Well there you have it my LOTD for today. And see I do wear dresses, sometimes!

Dress: Christina Dress- CCC
Hair: Kendel-Electra- Gurl 6
Sneakers: UBU Pornstar Lo-Tops
.ia. Hemp Anklet- Black-Incandescent Artichoke
Skin: Sundust June-Pure Curio
Bracelets: Arbella Bracelet- Babydoll's
Bandaids: Scooby Bandaids- CANDY

I have something else that I want to share with you guys. I received this from Jamie for Christmas last year. And I absolutely loved it so much I went to the store which is named Tweedle and fell in love with just about everything there.

You guys should check it out, the stuff there has that enchanted dreamlike feel to it. The kind of stuff that makes you smile when you see it.
*Tweedle* Happy Place Tree- Tweedle
Well thats it for today. I hope you all have an awesome week!
oh yah *waves at Francii* almost forgot that, I would have heard about it ALL week. If I forgot to say hi to her. And you guys have never heard Frannieface whine.. its ear splitting.
I <3 you all! :)


  1. I don't whine...much :P
    Cute as always Abby. Love that hair on you!! <3

  2. *lauggghs* Love you too <3

    Abby!! amazingg and super sweet as usual! <3 cute dress on you omgaah!!