Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Freebies, Group Gifts & More!!

So this week is rather a bunch of random stuff I found or came in contact with that I would love to share with you all! First I will start with some group gifts I got this week!

This adorable stack of papers is from Miss BettiePage Voyager and the cutest part is, its a note from a boyyyyyyy!! I bet its my Edward <3 If your not already a member of her group, you might wanna join! She loves to send out gifts!!

Miss Sanu passes out some of the most adorable stuff too! This week she stayed with a food theme and who wouldnt want these adorable shoes!! Another group thats always giving gifts, and its a scribo so no group space!

Moving on to some hunt items I picked up, now I do complete all hunts, but since this is a kids blog remember I will only be posting things in good taste or things that are kid related! I went through a few hunts which I will list but let me first tell you about the items I favored!

This adorable mask from Scoop! What sleeping beauty doesnt need one of these? Gooo grab it before its gone!

Then there is this adorable working mailbox with pose from Thistle Homes she is participating in a few hunts so be sure to look around ;)

Now if your anything like me you love to collect poses! Right? Well here are some super cute cupcakes with built in poses! Multi-function nibbling how cute is that! Goo goo get them! Mochi wont have them out for long!

One of my favorite places to visit is also participating in a hunt, Tweedle and how cute is this cardboard Grandma's House? You want it right? I know yew do!! Wait dont run off too quickly I have more to show you :D

Couple of freebies/cheapies I picked up this week! Dont delay on these who knows how long they will be out!

For our nerdy students out there Magic Nook placed this cute desk with accessories out for just $1L
Chloe put out this adorable bag in several different colors, go grab your favorite!

Now the color I picked doesnt quite match my LOTD but I couldnt resist the pink! Moving on to my LOTD is this adorable outfit just in time for St. Patricks day from the famous Babydoll Stardust! She's made this outfit super cute, with shoes, accessories and its super cheap!! I wont bore you anymore with my chatter instead I will share the links to my LOTD:

Hair: Truth- Grazia 2 in blondes
Skin: Curio -:GP: Sundust FREX [Light] Breeze-Pure
Outfit: Babydolls- *BB* Lucky Baby
Travel Bag: Lil Miss Chatterbox
Pose: PIDIDDLE- pack of 20 FREE!

Thats all for today, I hope your week is going fantastic just think we are halfway to the weekend!! \O/
See you all in world!!
Daisie <3

Some items posted are from hunts including: The Building Blocks Hunt, The Chase of The Beast, Shamrock Scramble, & Sweet Tooth Hunt


  1. So cool!! Now i'll hafta shop more!! <33

  2. Those are great Daisie..I'll need to take my sissies and go check that stuff out! :-) <3

  3. Yer sooo cuteee! ah! <3 it, <3 it Daisiebee! Greaatt! *runs off to shop* >.>