Friday, March 19, 2010

:: 50L Friday :: 19th March 2010

A short, sweet, to-the-point post for today! Sometimes RL just kicks your bum when you least expect it!

Cuteness from this week! Chelsea Grigg's adorable Hojas dress in pink; perfect for spring, perfect for Easter, perfect for family outings just about anywhere. I love the headband that comes with the dress, and the adorable pomelo sandals. An added bonus: a pink lollipop with animation!

Skin: :GP: - Petal [Frex] Dark - Cupid-Pure1
Hair:>Truth< Abbey - toffee

Outfit: CCC - Hojas Dress - pink (50L)

At Larnia Kids, I picked up the Playful Red outfit, a springy top with awesomely-textured jean shorts. They also had Twilight outfits out for 50L but Riley will tell you that she hasn't quite gotten me addicted to that series ... yet!

Skin: :GP: - Petal [Frex] Dark - Cupid-Pure1
Hair: >Truth< Minx - toffee

Outfit: Larnia Kids - Playful Red (50L)
Shoes: 0N - Petanko Cross Sandals (camel)

I didn't have time to hit every shop this week, but I saw that J4KK had a beanbag sort of chair with parent/child cuddles! I bought a pretty butterfly purse from Scoop - to wear with my Easter dress, of course!

Spring officially begins tomorrow at 1.32 p.m. EST - and summer's just around the corner!