Tuesday, March 16, 2010

The Jolly Green Giant!

I loveee Fun holidays where you have a great excuse to dress up and look goofy, and have it be SO very much OK! Don’t you?! Happy Tuesday everyone, or St. Patty’s Day eve even! I’ve got a pile of green for you today to get you set for tomorrow! I also have a super cute hair style to make you look as fabbity fab and adorable as you possibly can!

So first I shall start with the hair. This is one of my favourite hair styles right now. It’s the Tatum from Fri.day! I adore bangs soo hard, they are so cute on any little girl. The Tatum is great because it’s sort of messy, but kept at the same time! The loose super cute bun on the top if the head so great for things like running around with your family and greaaatt for the coming summer-ish days! If you don’t like bangs, super cool, because the cute store ALSO holds Tatum 2, then has longer bangs bobby pinned off to the left side and out of you face! You’ll definitely want to run to Fri.day to check those out!

Now for the amazing accessories I have on! Starting from the top, perfect for EVERY little princess, the *LC* - Jamie Tiara, from Lacie Cakes! Its sooo great because it’s interchangeable, it comes with a jewellery hud that easy to use and allows you to change the jewels and stuff on it. So you can match it to anything you wear! Next, I have another Lacie Cake’s product, perfect for St. Patty’s day, *LacieCakes* - Shamrocked. It’s a shamrock mouthie, and it comes with two, a plain one like I have in and another that gives out little shamrock blings! A part of that pack, is the face art! Isn’t it cute and it’s only 19L!!
Now for the Jewellery! On my neck, I have Eternity Necklace- Sapphire from {Violet Voltaire} . It’s so cute and I love it! It’s a sweet little circle with Sapphire diamonds on it and at the back it ties up into this adorable little necklace tie. It comes in three different metals; Gold, Iron and Silver. I am specifically wearing the silver. On my left wrist I have on MIEL ELO SET Bracelet from MIEL. It’s got these super sweet flowers on it and they’re so detailed and the colours are great! It’s perfect for spring. It comes in a pack too, with matching earrings and a necklace. Now on my finger, I have on Classical Rose Ring [Dark Violet] from +mocha+ . It’s actually cool how you get it, because you pay the board and the rings you get out are chosen at random, so you can get multiple rings if you’d like! This was the one I got and I love how great it looks!

Now on my right, I have Jelly Bracelets from ::KeWt KiDs::! Made by our very own Daisie! They’re shiny and the colours are soft and there are sooo many! You have to check them out, they’re SO great! Now on my finger I have a cute little Cherry ring! It actually comes from a Babydoll's Boutique outfit called *BB* Cheralee, which is super cute! But I lovee this ring! Quickly jumping back up to my earrings, just like the Ring, I’m wearing earrings from another full outfit, this time from [Baby Couture]. The Diamond earrings are thin and small, so they’re in no way over powering for a little girl, they’re perfect! They are from the Italia outfit.

This whole look was very much inspired by St. Patty’s day! The outfit, the shoes, the accessories and the jewellery! The outfit is super super cute, *BB* Clovelyr, and from Babydolls Boutique! It is one of St. Patty’s day release outfits and it’s a great price too!! The skirt is sooo fab, and the top is great!! The shoes are from *Aura’s*, They are the AuraVerse Tennis Shoes and are great because the shoe itself is colour change and are the laces! I’m forever wearing them with anything and everything, because they’re just SO great! Lastly, the eyes! Vampire Eyes /Green by *DEN-DOU*. I actually first discovered this store when I snuck out of camp (shhhhh!!). I bought them in Green and Blue and ended up going back and picking up more colours. I love the green and they’re SO great for St. Patty’s day and the eyes themselves, truly are awesomely scary! You have GOT to check them out!

Tatum hair –- Fri.day
*LC* E - Jamie Tiara *Lacie Cakes*
*LacieCakes*; Shamrocked - *Lacie Cakes*
Eternity Necklace; Sapphire - {Violet Voltaire}
Classical Rose Ring [Dark Violet]- +mocha+
Jelly Bracelets - ::KeWt KiDs::
*BB* Cloverly - Babydoll’s Boutique
*BB* Cheralee Ring- Babydoll’s Boutique
Italia Diamond Earrings- [Baby Couture]
AuraVerse Tennis Shoes- *Aura’s*
Vampire Eyes /Green - *DEN-DOU
Petal-April 2-Pink Lady- :Curio:

And that is all! Have an amazing St. Patty's day, remember to wear greeen! Be safe! I'll see you around! *blows sweet kissies*

Riley out.


  1. Eeee lovely in Green RiRi!!
    Very cutee!

  2. Oh I love it! <3 awesome blog, and you are so adorable!