Monday, June 21, 2010

It's Summer time!!

Hey Everyone! Can you believe it, the first day of summer!

Today I felt like playing outside and riding my skateboard and I thought after looking through some of my clothes, that boys read our blog too, so why not wear something from one of our awesome boy designers. I mean they may have cooties but can be pretty talented. So I found this very awesome shorts and shirt from Larnia Kids. Made by Heath Pevensey. It's called *Chill* I love it.
Included with the shorts and shirt (which has a very cool peace sign on it) You get a cool pair of hightops and the baseball cap with another nifty peace sign on it too.  The shoes have a resize script so they can be made to fit in size feet. There are so many cute outfits at Larnia Kids. Make sure boy or girl, you check them out.

The backpack with the skateboard, I found on Xstreet. It's called Sweet Home Neko, bag with skateboard. Pretty simple name to remember It's only available on Xstreet right now. You can wear the backpack and then rez a rideable one out of your inventory and have a blast. Make sure you wear a helmet and pads though.

It was already hot so I ran into the house to cool off and remembered something new that I just got from Evie's Closet- OMG you all will love this.  Ms Evie makes such pretty things. It was nice to be able to clean up and put on one of her newest designs. The dress is called Tiny Lyric-
She has made a beautiful dress with wings for the grown up women and also made a smaller version for us little girls.

Every little girl is a princess even us tomboys, and wearing this makes me feel like a Faery Princess. I have the Tiny Lyric on in blue, but it comes in 6 different colors. See the wings aren't they awesome?. I put them on and I feel like I can fly.

Of course a Faery Princess needs a crown, but I am not the type for tiara's, I mean they look like they would give you a headache huh? So I always wear one of the circlets from Evie's. Its the perfect tiara for me. On my ankle I have added the Tiny Ariel anklet in blue, it matches perfectly.  Oh yes, something else cool about the Tiny Lyric is that you can remove the wings, and straps and it looks just as awesome.
And omg look at these prim feet made my SLink, especially for us kids. They are amazing and look so real, The detail is great. The creator has also made a set where you can stand on your tiptoes.
I am so happy with these. I hate wearing shoes in the summer, so these are just perfect and you can paint your toenails too. Choose from 30 different colors.

Well, It's about time to get started on some building for the day, but I wanted to share an important fact with everyone. Tomorrow is a wonderful milestone for the girlies and I, it will be our 100th blog post. Riles has a very special post planned for everyone. We are very excited!  Please check back here for that.

Do me a favor and try to make someone smile today.
Abby <3

Bag + Skateboard Pinky -Creator Muskie Ballinger- Only available here on xstreet.
Chill LOTD- Larnia Kids
Tiny Lyric dress in blue, Tiny Ariel-Blue Anklet & Winter Star Circlet all available at Evie's Closet
Prim feet- SLink-Jolie Pied for Kids-Flat
Hair- >TRUTH< Piper - cranberry

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