Tuesday, June 22, 2010

I've had the time of my life. And I owe it all to you...


That's right, we're at the big One-Zero-Zero and personally I'm so so proud of everyone and so thankful for all of you for being here and following and reading and just being here to experience this with us!!

 (That's me hard at work getting everyone together in my new Babydoll's Boutique outfit that was released yesterday! It's called *BB* Miah in yellow! You should SEE the release it's awesome! The laptop is from Gliteratti and free and full of a few awesome poses! The bed is from La'Licious!)
Every day you tune in to see our LOTD, photos, hair... new finds etc. On occasion you get a peek into who we are in-world and off. I wanted personally to ask the girls a few questions of my own (I answered them too) to show you the girls I adore who make up the Cosmic Scribble team with me.

All you have to do is read on to hear what they said....

1. What have you learned since you started blogging? Has it in any way affected you SLife.. if so... how?

Francii: I have learned more photoshop skills, how to find inspiration to write about different things and how to love what i have in SL, even if something bad is going on. It has affected my slife, cos I'm a lot closer to the scribblers because of the blog; and i love that :D

Abby: Wow 100 posts. What an amazing start we have had.

I have learned not all people that have had problems with kid avis in the past are bad people. I have judged them just as they have judged us. 

Wow Riles, making us think here. Yes it has affected my SLife. I have met some amazing kids and adults alike. And established some amazing friendships.  I have also learned that spell check and grammar check programs are my friends.  One thing I haven't learned yet.. is how to make PS work better for me

Daisie: I've learned teamwork and commitment doesn't come easy but we have managed to pull it all together. When one of us is unable to blog for personal reasons another is always more then willing to step up and fill in for the day. I've learned even when you feel nobody has your back, there is a handful on amazing people who are always there :D

Jane: Since I started blogging, I've learned that I do better when I know people are counting on me. I was just thinking about that this morning, actually, how if I went to blog on my own, without the other Scribblers, I'd probably not do it, but being accountable to my friends helps. It's affected my SL because I am more willing to check out new stores, now, in case there's anything cute to blog. I'm always on the lookout for unique stuff that no one else has blogged yet! Plus it's forced me to really work on my photography, and I've discovered I love taking pictures and playing in Photoshop, as a result.

Jamie: My spelling is atrocious so thank god for spell checkers! But seriously I've learned that there are so many smaller stores that aren't recgonised and even with the tiniest mention on any blog can really help them!

Riley: Stores! It's opened my eyes to stores in SL that normally I probably wouldn't run into! I now look for different things to show and tell to the readers every week. It's pretty fun! It keeps me writing and super creative. It HAS affected my SLife actually. I have these 5 amazing friends who I can turn to when I need to and it's brought us close I think. I feel like I have a solid foundation in SL and blogging and the other 5 girls are kind of to blame (in great sense!) for that!

2.  What is your favourite part of blogging?

Jamie: My favourite part is putting together my lotd's, because I'm a total fashion geek and if i could I'd post a look-of-the-hour or something dumb because I just love seeing what I can mix & match togther!

Daisie: I love reading blogs so for me this kinda came natural, I love being able to dress up and share my outfit, finds, freebies and hunts with everyone. I love that our blog tries to keep it different everyday and each one of us adds our own spice :D

Jane: My favourite part of blogging is hearing that our blog actually helps peoples' sales. It's like.. we're here doing this little bit of writing and it could be affecting peoples' RL income! That's really neat, for me, because it means we might actually be making a difference.

My favourite part is having fun posing and being silly while doing group shots for the blog. It's always fun to do it as a group and be silly. Even if it takes us twice as long to get it done. ( I blame Abby! )

Abby: I think the writing. And I hated to write before. Coming up with the small stories to tell. LOL Its funny. I so fought against joining this blog group, because I didn't think I had time, but also because I suck at writing.. But my sissy JamieJo really pulled me in. I am blessed because she did.  The friendships with my  fellow Scribblers, our closeness, our sisterhood. Just amazing.

Riley: The shopping part I think. I LOVE to shop, I like the finding of something new and being able to come here on Tuesday and be like LOOK what I found for you! I Love sharing and I love being able to share new things with everyone.

3. Share 1 secret that the readers or your team members don't know about you.

Daisie: That I am horrible at taking and editing pictures, its something I hope to master soon. Another would be learning a new trade: poses, furniture, clothing.. just to name a few lol!

Jane: One secret that not a lot of people don't know about me is that when I eat M&Ms or Skittles, I sort them into little piles by colour first. Then I count them, and eat the little piles according to the biggest number first all the way down to the lowest number. :)

Wow this is hard. After I wrote the "Why I chose to be Abby" Blog. I am not sure I have very many secrets left to share.  Well okay one. But don't be spreading this around.  I like brussel sprouts. 

Riley: I don't sleep properly if I don't read before I sleep. It's probably because I was always read to as a child before I was tucked in. As I got older, I used to read to wind down before I slept... and to this day.... I still do it or else it's a restless sleep!

Jamie: Although I mainly wear blonde/brunette colored hairs in SL I'm actually a RL redhead!

Francii: 1 secret? hmmmm. I'm pregnant IRL? Oh no wait you're all the first people who found out LOL. Umm. I NEVER spend pennys. I keep them in a money box and i must have about £30 in pennys.


I'm a HUGE beach fan. So I felt I should showcase an amazing Summer outfit that I picked up over the weekend! When I'm at the beach, I pack simple and light so this LOTD is just that! It's from Babydoll's Boutique! It's called *BB* Dolly bathing suit ensemble. There are SO many versions she has out and they're all SO so pretty!  It's great, it comes with this awesome dress as well as two other prim babydolls for swimming in! The bathing suit is covering which I love since I'm only 6! The jewelry is great too! Plus it has a beach bag, just what any fashionista needs, and it's full stocked for a day by the water. Of course, it comes with awesome sandals that look great with the dress. My Hair is from Fri.day and called Melanie2. It's great and looks awesome in pictures and it's super cute! Both are definitely something you need to have in your SLclosets <3

We want to thank all of you so so much and from the bottom of our hearts for tuning in daily or weekly or whenever you do. We adore writing and we adore writing for you guys! We also love hearing from you too! SO if you have a question for us please feel free to get in touch! cosmicscribbles@gmail.com

YAY HAPPY 100!!!!

Have a safe week! I hope it's full of magic of the best kind and love..

Riley Sapphire


  1. YAY Amazing! 100 posts! I am sooo proud of you girlies. I love each and every one of you. And to the readers. Thank you, because knowing that people actually read what we love so much doing makes this all so much fun!! <333

  2. Yayy!! 100 Posts! Congratulations Scribblers! Truly the best kids fashion blog ever!

  3. hoooo! Congrats!!! *keeps watch for the 200th post*