Friday, June 25, 2010

How do you find a lost rabbit?

Easy! Just make a noise like a carrot! *giggles* (I can hear my mom calling me a dork, already!)

Hi, everyone! This will be a short but hopefully helpful rundown of just a few of the cute things available for 50L this week.

First, be sure to go to ::Emjay Kidz:: - it got left off the list this week, but it has the most adorable monkey bars, with tons of different animations in it - see?

It's perfect for lounging on a summer's day with friends - oh, and a huge thank you to our friend, Lizzy Saintlouis, for taking the time out of her day to pose for us! The rest of the silly Scribblers were offline, probably doing something unimportant like RL! *grins* Anyhow, we totally appreciated it, Lizzy! But yep, you can change each of the four poses, and sit however you like! Cute, huh?

I consolidated my clothing into one picture today, so hopefully this is a little neater for you guys! You can get so many cute outfits this week - in the picture below, I've got on some of my favourites. :)

Using Frannie's idea, lemme go through each one! If you wanna see them better, just click the picture. :)

Outfit One: Babydoll's Boutique (50L). Perfect for summer. I love the leggings but I'd even wear the top with shorts or jeans. My hair is Giselle from Truth.

Outfit Two: Candii Kitten (50L). One of two choices, but I love this one because of the cheerful summery colours! My hair is Heidi, from Truth.

Outfit Three: Inner Peace (50L). Eeeee, pink! I love the design on this dress! I feel like I should be banging a tambourine (whilst Frannie is trying to sleep) and frolicking in a meadow somewhere. :) Hair = Nadia from Truth.

Outfit Four: Larnia Kids (50L). This outfit, omgosh. So summery, so fun, and sculpted. Really, what could be better? It comes in three different colours but the same style - this blue, a yellow and a purple. I love the shorts because they have a matching belt! You don't often see that. :) Hair is Sienna from Truth.

I thought it was neat that so many designers are doing anklets lately - Abby will be happy, I bet! She loves anklets!

Okay, and last, I have this amazing blanket - wait til you see what it does. Ready?

Yay! From Sassafras, you can get this blanket for 50L. It's got so many sits in it, it's nuts. But the absolute cutest part ('sides the texture!) is that box - see it? If you touch it, you get the choice of sooooo many different snacks! Fruit roll-ups, candy, cookies.. and I heard something last night about a Letter from Home. :D Definitely pick this up - can't you imagine spending long summer nights with friends just sitting around talking? Ahh it sounds lovely.

Oh, and I wanted to say, you can get a cottage from Bellies for 50L, this week! It's perfect for a playhouse in the backyard or even a hideout. Check it out!

Okay, so, now that the items are out of the way, I wanna talk to you about something sort of important. To me, anyhow. There's a rumour going around that I only blog 50L items that get sent to me for free. I want to assure everyone that this is totally, completely, 100-million% not the case. I'm on a budget, though, like everyone else, so I generally only buy things I will wear again or use again. Again, you don't have to send me free stuff to get your 50L items blogged, okay? Some people send me copies out of courtesy but that in no way influences which items I blog. So, if you hear that rumour, it's not true, I'm just on a budget like everyone else, and can't buy everything from all 38 stores every week. /end explanation. :)

I think that's really all from me! Thank you so much for reading! <333

Have a fantastic weekend!
Love, Janey <3


  1. um. Where are the cupcakes? You fibber! but I love you anyways <33 Awesome post

  2. i will bake some just for you! <3333 love you mour!

  3. Thanks for the invite today for the shoot. It was fun. Glad to help out. I even wore the Larnia special in yellow.

  4. Sorry Kyia, I couldn't afford to buy a lot this week - RL is a bit tight at the moment! Hope you understand. :)

  5. Cute Cute Cute <3

  6. Wow there were so many stores with good stuff in 50l Friday you guys should get out more and explore outside of your realm. :D


  7. ughh the pictures wont load! i'll have to check back to see what this all looks like... sounds like I missed a cute 50L friday grab tho!