Monday, October 4, 2010

It Came From Beneathe The Bed...

Helloooooooooooo Cosmic-Scribbles readersssss! I am Candii Destiny, and for the foreseeable future, I shall be one of your newest tour guides to the wonderful world of poses, fun, fashion and more here at Cosmic Scribbles! I am four years old, attend OSE, design for and own Candii Kitten Kid's Store and I absolutely LOVE clothing, hair and of course, POSES! I've been in Second life for almost three years, come November and I am so excited to be a new part of the awesome Cosmic-Scribbles blog! Catch me every Monday... starting today! But enough about me, let's get to the reason you really came here...dun dun dun! For my first post I've got something exciting and eerie so make sure to check under your bed and lock your door before continuing... mwahahaha!

The oranges, yellows and reds bursting from each tree as you pass on your way to school, the blanket of crunches covering your yard, this could only mean one thing... fall and what does fall mean? HALLOWEEN, of course! Halloween just so happens to be my absolute favorite Holiday, so get ready for a month of scary places, eerie poses and spooky fashion! To get myself into the Halloween spirit, I took a pit stop at Larnia Kids! Here, i found a costume for me, one for Kaitlyn and one or Arianna. They are absolutely adorable, check us out below!

Kaitlyn Lyre, Arianna Rainforest and Candii

On Candii:
Batterina in Purple By Larnia Kids
Hair Allegra by Truth
Skin by Tess2 by LAQ

On Kaitlyn:
Batterina in Blue by Larnia Kids
Hair Chica by D!va
Skin Plain Jane by Mynerva

On Arianna:
Witcheria in Black by Larnia Kids
Hair Kylie by Truth
Skin Breeze in Pure By Curio

Pose set by Glitterati - Kids Expansion Pack

Now, the three of us are all dazzled up and ready to find some adventure! Where to, you ask? I've been told about something cool at Cute Bytes, so we are going to explore it for the first time, together! I've been told there's a scary haunted house ride to get from section to section, and Kaitlyn, Arianna and myself are going to go investigate some scary noises heard there! Onward!

(Caution This Post is picture heavy)

Upon arriving at Cute Bytes, after a short rez period I saw a very nicely decorated Halloween sim. This is very exciting because like I said above, I LOVE Halloween!

Outside of Cute Bytes Store!
 Ari, Kaity and I got our tickets from the scary ghost person, and I have to admit this is extremely creative and very cool to be able to choose where you want to go in the store and take your 'Cute Taxi' to get there. And we were off!

Scary Ghost Ticket Salesman (free tickets)
We entered a really cool room with rotating walls and were attacked by a MUMMY all before arriving at the toy section!
Behind view of our Cute Taxi in the rotating room

Mummy Attacks as we round the curve!

Once we arrived at the toy room, the eeriness didn't stop there! To  the left of the now abandoned tracks is a scary grave yard and to the right is the toy room. Once inside, we saw lots of fun stuff! We had so much fun looking, we almost didn't notice the Eerie sounds, ghostly moans or the lights flickering on and off! Kaitlyn found an awesome typing over-rider that creates bats when you type and I found an awesome magic wand. We were so busy playing with our new toys, that we weren't paying attention and ran into ANOTHER MUMMY!

Kaitlyn wearing the Bat emitter from Cute Bytes

Candii Wearing the Magic Wand From Cute Bytes

The mummy attacks and we ran for our lives!

We ran for our lives from the Toy room and found sanctuary outside! This had to be one of the coolest adventures I've been on in second life in quite some time! Thanks to Larnia Kids and Cute Bytes, Ari, Kaity and I had a spooky good time! Thanks for reading and check out my future blogs, every Monday here on Cosmic Scribbles!


  1. welcome to Cosmic Bloggers Candii!!! Cute first blog. Can't wait for more!

  2. Candii, this is soo adorable! I cannot wait to checkout Cute Bytes now! So glad you're a scribbler now <3

  3. *hugs you* Ahh! I'm so glad you're on board!! The post is crazy adorable!


  4. cute! :-)

  5. Amazing first post, Candii!! Love it!