Thursday, October 7, 2010

Imma BIG Kid!

Happy Thursday!! *waves crazily* My name is Kaydia Jewell, but peeps call me Kay! You'll have to excuse me a lil because I'm still flabbergasted that I was selected to join the famous Cosmic Scribbles team... *faints*. Anywaaaay, a lil about me... let me see, I am six years old and go to Oceanside Elementary. I have a really big family and love art! I enjoy singing, dancing, and shopping. I'm totally random... banana! and feel that even though cute dresses are absolutely adorable I could really go for mix matched nonsense when getting dressed in the morning, too. It's all about just being you and expressing yourself! 'Nuff about me, let's move on to the good stuff.

I've taken over Thursdays and I'm in charge of finding awesome furniture, random finds, and of course my Look of the Day. Hang on to yer tights, we are in for a ride!

After I seen what Abby was making this week, I just had to blog it. It's called the I can help!-Kids Step Stool. You'll be able to find it at Sassafras Kids store for 50Ls on Friday. I got a special sneak peek and I just have to tell you about it!

Abby designed the stool so that it can be used anywhere in the house, but not only that it has five different animations for you to help mommy or daddy, really anyone in the family, at home. The different animations include helping to wash dishes, wash windows, help bake cookies, brush your teeth, and even wash your hands. What's even cooler is that the texture piece on top of the stool can be changed into nine different textures! Mhm, even some for the boys! 

Let's just say you want to brush your teeth at Gramma's and you've forgotten your toothbrush. No worries!! You can click on the top portion of the stool and it will provide it for you, as well as a rolling pin for helping her bake the next day. It's only five prims and copy so you can put one in every room of the house, even on the roof! If you wanna...

Warning! Be warned that if your parents are to find out about this nifty lil stool, we can not be held liable for extra chores throughout the week! *giggles*

And now ladies and gents, I present to you the Look of the Day!

I really wanted to start off showing one of my most favorite outfits for the beginning of the season! It's made by Larnia Kids and it's all about nature, but as you can see it has the feel of fall written all over it. The best part of the outfit, for me, is the bracelets and boots! I am an accessory kinda gal. The chunky boots are going to be great for the slush on those muddy autumn days and even when snow starts to trickle to the earth. I chose to wear my hair up and in a head band because I love the feel of the cool wind on my neck and face. Truth is one greatest places to find hair for us lil ones. This style in particular is Lydia in barley.

boots, bracelets, tights, skirt, and top

It was super duper nice meeting you and I hope that our adventures will be long and prosperous. Psh, I just wanna have fun! :P If you have furniture or any sort of random bizarreness you'd like to see blogged, please send me a notecard in world! Ciao mien noodles!!


  1. Awesome post Kaydia!! Don't tell my momma about that stepstool tho! I dun't want to do more chores :)

  2. Thanks Lishi!! Shhh it'll be our secret! <3

  3. :O Ohhhhhh I LOVE that stool! It is JUST what I have been looking for. *Makes a note to buy 2 tomorrow* =)
    That outfit is just TOO sweet for words. <3

  4. Oooh! Wow I am so essited about tha 50L Sassafras step-stool. And Truth Hair FTW!!! xo