Friday, August 13, 2010

50L Friday- Friday the 13th!!

Happy Friday the 13th! This is good luck Friday, isn't it? Let me tell you, I felt lucky doing my 50L shopping today! There's so so much to find and with so many stores on the list, I didn't make it to all, but here's a sample of the goodness you can find today!

From left to right:
Forever Young- Sammie Fit
American Beagle-Diva in Gold (shoes Strap Sabo Sandals by Sakka)
(Poses from Glitterati)

Models: Abby, Nara, JamieJo, Sage & Lishi (see lower captions for outfits)

Playground set from Izzy's 
Treehouse from Pixel Fusion

Models: Abby, JamieJo, Sage, Nara, & Lishi (see lower captions for outfits)
Pose Prop 50L item at CANDY- Thrown under the Bus
Left pose: Chocolate Covered Strawberries by Scoop
Right Pose: Missed You! by Jumping Jacks
On Brown Haired Lishi:  Kady Outfit by Candii Kitten
Pink Haired Lishi: Larnia Kids Puppy Love
From left to right:
    Left: Nara in Inner Peace's Quincy, Abby in Susie in Blue from Glitterbugs and Sage on right in Mily in Pink from Glitterbugs
! Sassafras Kids ! Frannie the 'Lalafant with Nara wearing Inner Peace's Quincy
Wall sign from Glitterbugs
Sprinkles & Bingles Fatty Moo Hangout Pillow with Sage wearing Glitterbugs' Mily in Pink

My First Garden Set from Dork
With Sage wearing Inner Peace's Quincy and JamieJo wearing Ladybug Overalls from Whimzie

Abby wearing Glitterbugs while reading Harry Potter story time from Wonderkids
Lishi wearing Babydolls Chelsea Breeze in Pink sitting on Daisy pose stump from Rainy Day Kids

Poses from Left to right:
Lovely Smiles Pack Poses 58
Lovely Smiles Pack Poses 35
Flutterby's Family Pose 8
Little Lishi wearing Larnia Kids Molly

Phew! I didn't include SLURLs, I'll try to get back later today and link them, but until then-  (The links are posted!) The 50L list is available through the  Fifty Linden Fridays /kids/ group! 

Many thanks to Nara, Abby and Jamie for joining me for an early morning photo shoot! Happy shopping...and I hope you have a wonderful Friday the 13th!
<3 Lishi


  1. Awesome Blog post :D

  2. Wow Lishi!! Awesome Job! Tons of shopping and so much varity!!

  3. Oooo such cute stuff out this week, Great post Lishi <3

  4. *hugs* thank you all! There was so much fun stuff this week!!

  5. Yay it was fun ty for asking me! Cute cute post <3

  6. OMG I missed all this awesome stuff cuz I was at the races ... pouts... :( awesome blog!