Sunday, August 15, 2010

Gentlemen... Start Your Engines!!!

*Watches all the race cars go in circles.* VROOOOOM! Woo this is loud!!! ...WHAT? I can't hear you! If you haven't guessed yet, I'm excited b/c I'm at the races, so I wanted to make you guys feel like it too. *waves to the camera*

According to Dolly, race cars are "little thingies that drive around in circles." O.o *listens to the sound of a record scratching* Little thingies??? Faints! So what goes with race car, left turns, and loud cars? Checkered flags! With that being said, *waves the green flag to get this LOTD blog started!*
*waves the checkered flag for Jeff Gordon*

"Boogity Boogity Boogity... Let's Go Racing!"

My LOTD is brought to you by the letters, M.I.S. (Michigan International Speedway) I did a search for checkered patterns, to represent the flag waved for #24! *crosses my fingers, toes, and eyes*

Points out my favorite of them all, the belt. Not only is this belt for boys or girls, but it'll let you change from 8 different patterns, 10 colors, and an option to remove the chains. Even at an amazing price!!! I love having belts.

The bracelet I found on xstreet and it was.... 1L! You gotta love cheap things. It is copyable, so you're able to put it on both arms if you'd like. It actually is a set of 3 different patterns.

The glasses again are for boys or girls. These I really like too. You also have options for different patterns to the glasses, but you have to purchase those separate. I chose the small patterned checked ones over the bigger checkered. I think any pick would be great!

Last but not least the checkered shoes! They have 7 different colors shoes and I have them all. No not because I'm rich haha cuz yeah uh... if only, but because they offer these shoes for .... FREE! Who doesn't love free stuff?
Belt: {M}Alice
Bracelet: Found on xstreet - Plastic Bangles Set by Alfie Destiny
Glasses: Found on xstreet - [ML] Design - by Maffi Lu
Finger Tape: *SL*
Shoes: Lya
Shirt: AVOID - but I don't see the shirt anymore there :(
Pants: Twisted and Spoiled - kids have to wear a belt with these b/c of the zipper & button
Hair: Truth - Carli

I hope everyone enjoyed my 2nd blog. Hmmm should I sing the song again like I did last week? Ahh no come back. Keep reading, I promise not to sing... this is the song that never ends, yes it goes on and on my friends. Wait... too much already? Muahahaa I wasn't singing, I was just saying what I wouldn't sing!!! ;)

Shout out: August 11th - Happy Birthday to Hulk Hogan. *smiles proud*

With lots of candy and cookies - I'm outta here!

-Lowi- :)


  1. Awesome Lowi!
    I love all the checkerboard
    Hope you're having a good time at the races too <3

  2. checkerboard! my hero

  3. cute post Lowi... umm we will talk later haha!! have fun at the races!! hugs**

  4. woohooo I'm back!!! I almost won pit passes! I had to dance infront of everyone but this other guy got it, cuz well.. he squished his big belly against a glass and danced... so they liked him. :( Pouts... SOOO CLOSE!!! Glad you like the blog! Woot Woot!