Wednesday, August 11, 2010

All eyes on me in the center of the ring just like a circus

Raise your hand if you love the circus too! There's something amazing about the energy at a circus. The animals, the performers, the clowns and my favorite of all... the peanuts!
This week's family field trip is the circus at Jeaniesing's Things. Here's the best part of this circus... the creator, Jeaniesing Trilling, also sells all her creations so you can take them home and have your own personal circus!
Jeaniesing has made it all- from human cannonballs (kids, trust me, this is SO fun!) to the trapeze, to the tight rope, there's plenty of activities here to give your momma a heart attack!

Juggling at the circus...where did that third ball go? Balloon Hat by Jester J's Jokes & Jests

Nice Kitty!
Maybe it was too many balloons? Balloons by Jester J's Jokes & Jests
I had lots of fun exploring! There's so much more than I can put get your circus clothes on and head over there!

Speaking of Circus clothes....

My outfit today includes some amazing shoes I found at the Shoe Fair! These doc martins by GOS Custom Footwear (originally black) come as one item (300L!- special price for the shoe fair) that you can change the shape (from pristine, sloppy and worn) and you can buy polishes to change the texture! I really really love them! I bought all the polishes which are on sale during the Shoe Fair.

The other fun part of my outfit is the hilarious balloon tiara I have- I thought it was perfect for a day at the circus!  Jester J's Jokes & Jests has an awesome collection of really fun balloon hats (along with some pranks for your pranksters out there!).

My entire outfit:
Pose: Dare Shoe Off- Feast for your Eyes (found at the Shoe Fair!)
Hair: Truth Trinity (New release today!)
Shorts: Babydolls ChloeBells Shorts from BB ChloeBells Bathin Suit Ensemble
Shirt: Wonderkids Meat Eater Tee
Socks: Frop! Knee Socks- Pink (found at the Shoe Fair!)
Shoes: [Gos] Custom Footwear- [Docs V2] 8 Hole - F - Shoe Fair Special
    with Bloom Boot Polish
Balloon Hat (seen in circus pics) Jester J's Terrific Tiara!
Buoyant Balloons- Jester J's Jokes & Jests


  1. Yay I love Jester J's :) and your post is fun and entertaining ♥


  2. OMG this is just about too cute. I love this blog! Jester's is soo fun!