Monday, August 9, 2010

I throw my hands up in the air sometimes....saying AAYYYOOOO!

Ohaaai lufflies <3 I hope you all enjoyed the lovely surprises last week of our two fabulous new scribblers, we're so excited to have them join us and I hope you are aswell :) So to start this week off I've found a few random but adorable little pieces of furniture i've used to decorate one of my new skyboxes, which came from the fabulous Modest House in one of their gatcha's at the gatcha fair.

On the left is the Platinum Hunt prize from What Next, the book stool. It comes with 6 animated poses and fits perfectly in any corner. Then on the right is one of my favourite things today, I've had these uhm well I don't really know what they are cocoon sleeping bag things i guess for years and only just rediscovered them the other day whilst inventory cleaning! They come from this very small store called SweetsParty and its the Minomushi in Pink & Patch which you can see.

Next up I stumbled upon this adorable bed and sidetable at another one of my favourite little furniture stores Little Boxes its the Summer Siesta Bed and Side table set. Also in this I used my super cuddly JamieJo snuggle sleep pal from Sassafras.

Lastly i'll quickly share my LOTD, My favourite part of this outfit are the shoes which come from Surf Co. and are part of their exclusive Shoe Fair release. The black ones in particular are a 100% donation item.

Skin - PF Ember in Honey Pure
Hair - Deena in Passionate Red

Top -  *Gb* Katie top (part of outfit)
Shorts - COCO Kneelength Denim crops
Shoes - Surf Co. Saturday Moccasins in Black (Shoe Fair 100% donation item)

Bag & jewlery - *BB* Hawaiian Starfish in Pink (part of outfit)
Bandaid - ** Lovely Simes** BandAid Pattern 6

So thats it for me today, and i'll seee you again next week for some more adorale and exciting things!!

Oh and also this song is permantly stuck in my head atm so I thought i'd share it with you all :)

*dances around and sings once again*
- Jamie, xoxo


  1. <3333 ee so cute jamie!
    I love it. and the song :D

  2. *puts my headphones on and listens* Great Post Jj <333