Sunday, August 8, 2010

Peals off my "Hello, my name is Lowi" name tag and slaps it on

Lowi Wins! \o/ Now that I have that covered *smiles innocent* let me introduce myself! :) Jumps up and down... tada! Yay, I'm the other big news this week! Surprise! *starts to shake my booty in excitement*... oh oops I gotta blog... okie clears throat.
My name is Lowi Foxtrot (Low-E). I'm new to the Cosmic Scribbles team. I'll be covering a little big of this... a little bit of that! But I'm hoping to have a main focus on interviewing people who are active in the SL community of kids. Like a store owners, teachers, those who deserve to be spotlighted, random kids... etc. Of course, I'll have my days where I just feel like blogging something else to keep you on your toes. (like when I get into mischief) I'm always looking for crazy funny things to make people laugh and I love getting into trouble. Cuz I got my Daddy wrapped around my finger but shhh, don't tell him. *Hypnotizes my Daddy right now* didn't see that! But if you do end up getting in trouble for something, just make sure you don't blame me for getting grounded!!!

I figure I'd do a short interview of myself. So nothing to woohoo, but you at least get to know the person behind Sunday aka Race Day blogs. *Gets out the microphone and tape recorder. Licks my finger and cleans my face*... ok I'm ready for my close up!

Age: 2,920 days old - yeah I sound like major old here, but really that would equal to 8 years old. I gotta make it interesting.

Likes: I love my dog Penny, Hobbes, winning at greedy, taking pictures, rain boots, bright colors, chocolate, cookies, winning at greedy, color blue, pranking, winning at greedy, and Jeff Gordon, woo #24! (NASCAR driver for those that didn't know) Dislikes: licorice, sea food, mean people, foo foo dresses with big ribbons, losing at greedy, and I'm not too fond of most pink things.

What I do most of my SL day: I'm either working at Babydolls, playing greedy, pranking my family, dancing, or just standing alone in my room. Yeah, its nothing too exciting, so if anything fun is happening, im me!

What made me want to be a kid in SL? I'm a big kid in that thing called RL. I love getting into trouble and mischief. I mean why not live out my childhood again? My favorite quote I say is, "I don't wanna grow up, I'm a SL kid!"

Whats my fashion style? I'm a spunky tomboy who can pull off a dress here and there. I like mixing up my clothing and wearing camouflage and bright funky colors the most. Rain boots or my soreals are my favorite for my footsies. I love my Rawr dinosaur shirt, but mostly I like just being myself. Yeah Dolly is gonna put me in boot camp for a week, its a princess theme boot camp she says. *get nervous* Don't worry though, I bought Cosco size Benadryl to help my allergic reactions to foo foo, pink, and princess items. So I could surprise you all and do a "fit for a princess" theme. Then again... maybe not... just thinking about it *starts to itch my arm* You'll just have to check in on Sundays to find out!

Whats my favorite places? I love the Zoo Neunkirchen and sneaking into Sienna's house to play on her greedy table. That's where I rolled all 1's and no one was around to see it. Yes I took pictures but I was so excited! Wowsers! Proof ---> [21:30] Greedy Greedy Table v1.94 whispers: Lowi Foxtrot has stopped with 9300 points this round, for a running total of 17200. If only the high score thing was out... grrr! Lowi Wins! \o/

What are my favorite stores? RC Cluster, Reek, Truth,, Amerie, and all the awesome kid stores!

What do you think the most important personality trait a person should have? A good sense of humor is huge for me. But really over that, I feel that everyone should be caring and helpful. Its like "Pay it Forward" You do a good deed to 3 people. Then those 3, pay it forward to 3 other and so on. It could be as simple as a hug, note, or big like not spread a rumor that others are. When you notice people needing help, help out if you can. Especially, if they have toilet paper on the bottom of their shoe. First you gotta take a picture and plurk it though, but then tell them. ;) Unless its me, don't take a picture!

What are my goals? Well I hope to make my blogs funny and interesting. I'm a bit nervous to not do as good as these other girls. I don't have a shop or anything, but maybe one day I can sit down and try to figure out how to make things. I love photoshop already, I just need to stop getting frustrated and try to figure clothing making out.

Whats my funniest thing in my inventory? Wow... I don't think I could answer this one b/c I have sooo many things that are just out of this world. Here are a couple of my favorite though, porta potty, spider avatar, and air horn that I use A LOT. *HOOOOOOOOONK!* My family I think is deaf from this!
Scaring my bestie, Sienna, with my air horn

I kinda feel like I'm an odd ball, shh no commenting on that, talking to myself and answering my own questions. Maybe that straight jacket in my inventory will be used soon? I should've added that to one of my funniest things I have. I really hope you all liked it and see everyone on Sundays!

Shoutout today: Happy belated birthday Jeff Gordon on August 4th! Good luck today at Watkins Glen!!! This is one of the tracks he usually dominates. Jeff Gordon Wins! \o/

Hobbes: Reek
Penny/Beagle: Zooby's
Striped Tank Top: Surf Couture
Jeans: Twisted & Spoiled
Belt: [Endeavor]
Name Tag: I made myself :) Go Meee!

Wondering how many people are still reading... sings a song for those who are:
this is the song that never ends. Yes it goes on and on my friends. Some people, started singing it not knowing what it was. And they'll continue singing it forever .. just ... because.this is the song that never ends. Yes it goes on and on my friends. Some people, started singing it not knowing what it was. And they'll continue singing it forever .. just ... because.... ;)


  1. I love it! Welcome to Scribbles Lowi!! <3333

  2. So awesome! and imma kill you for putting that song in my head *shakes her fist at you* <333

  3. Lowi this was soooo cute and funny!!! I loveeee it! Great job! <333

  4. so cute! yay Lowi! Cant wait to see your next post! :D

  5. yay!!! 1st blog and I got comments yay! hehee "they like me.. they really like me!" Gordon got 10th today... just an fyi ;) Sunday's are following Jeff Gordon day now muahahaa

  6. Yayyyy Lowi!! Welcome to the team muffin :P <33

  7. I loved it!! *starts signing."this is the song that never ends" ahhh!!!! evil song!