Tuesday, August 10, 2010

You say yes, I say no. You say stop, I say go go gooo....

Hey! Happy Tuesday everyone. Hope your weekend was sweet and flowery! I have a weird sort blog for you today, full of just sillyness and one of the reasons I LOVE being a kid in SL!

The BEST thing about being a kid on SL is the sheer roleplaying of it all. It's FUN and it's awesome and I just have a great time being 6! I have been pretty lucky with an amazing family and such wonderful friends. All of which allow me to live a great SL life at the Age of 6. There are SO so many silly things you can do that may be a little much for a regular 6 year old, but in SL anything fun is possible (AS LONG as it's G-rated).

That would be me taking a tumble! Sissy was babysitting and I went to grab something off the shelf and I fell! This pose set from Smalls is actually SO SO cute. It's a two parter and you're first reaching, and then you fall.. kinda like I did. That will be the LAST time sissy babysits!

This is the after effect of all that. Isn't the outfit cute though?? It's the 50L outfit from Larnia Kids called Little Miss! Of course I only have ONE show on. It's actually a super cute outfit! The hair I have on is one of the new ones from TRUTH called Penny. The AWESOMENESS coming from my mouth is a Spaghetti mass from Gigglebox! It's it awesome??  It comes with a tattoo layer too for your face. My mommy hates it because I look dirty, but it's sooo great.

!! I want you all to meet Minnie. She was a gift from mommy and actually pretty adorable! She comes in 3 sizes, I'm wearing the large here. She hugs your shoulder and her facial expression changes! As many of you know, I LOVE LOOVE animals, I'm a vegetarian so she's great to have around. She is from ana_mations and really the stuff there is crazy kool! The awesome hair I have on Tatum from fri.day.

 Lastly, I'd like to point out my cast and cruches. They're from -RC- Cluster. They have a built in AO for standing and walking and the cast itself is colour change so I match it to my outfits. The adorable outfit you see here was also a 50L from Babydoll's Boutique called Lily's Heart, it's suuuper cute!

That is all! Hope the rest of your week is amazing and super fun!

xoxo, Riles