Tuesday, June 8, 2010

As long as I can feel you holding on, I won't fall... even if you said I was wrong.

*Hums and sits down, waving big* Morning everyone! Hope your Monday was bright and your Tuesday morning even brighter! For those of you oollddd like my mama *holds out day old coffee* Enjoy! So I have a new place for you guys! Totally new, I haven't blogged it yet AND the hair adorable and cheap! I'm SO excited to share this place with you guys.

Introducing D!VA. This store is SO adorable, seriously. There aren't A LOT of hair there yet, but they're great and kid friendly. AND they have resize scripts in them, so it makes it SO easy to resize! The hair I am currently wearing is called Wakana (Citrine). These hairs are actually really great because all the styles come with AND without bangs, so really it's like 2 hair styles in one. The hairs at D!VA at ONLY 100L! This hair specifically is cute because the side ponytail is totally girly. The hair falls loosely on the left side. As you can see it looks adorable with a hat.

The second hair I am so awesomely modelling for you in this great outfit, is called Tomoko. It's super adorable and I love the pigtails! The hair looks so doft and curls just a little. The style totally makes you look like you've had a hard day playing with your friends! This is totally a MUST have hair!

The third lovely hair I have to show you is called Hitomi! It's SUCH a sweet little girls hair. The hair is flippy and it may look a little messy but it's totally put together for little girls standards! All the hairs ARE flexi too! They come in a bunch of shades and the shade I have on throughout the blog is Citrine, the second darkest. Doesn't it look perfect with the hat?!


Anyone who knows me, knows I'm a bit of a dork- actually probably a BIG dork, more than I am totally willing to admit. Especially since glasses like the ones I have on in my LOTD are about my favourite pair. I own a normal set in real life too, prety much like those (minus the bird and grass). But they are SO awesome no?? They're from nordari They're awesomely large with a cute bird on on the frame, I named him Jasper and he keeps me company while I build and it has some Grass on the frame! The hair is from D!VA called Natsumi. It's got this little loose bun on the side of the hair with awesome waves around the neck! The SUPER cute outfit that I am sporting is called Trudy from Candii Kitten! I saw it today and fell in LOVE with it and it comes with a HAT! The hat is perfect and adorable!

I wanted to share a cute little photo of myself, Jane and Jane's mama Bette with you all! We're all sporting D!VA hair and looking like a sweet little group of Faeries! I love SL because you be anything you want to be and when I feel like being a cute little Farie I can!

On Jane -
Hair: Diva - Wakana - topaz
Outfit: *Evie's Closet* - Tiny Ariel - pink.

On Bette-
Outfit: Deviance - Spring Fairy in Strawberry.
Hair: D!va Hair - "Tomoko"

On Riley-
Outfit: *Evie's Closet* RFL 2010 - Avery (Kids)
Hair: D!va Hair "Natsumi" (Citrine)
Glasses: nordari  birdy. - my little friend

I totally hope you enjoy D!VA and everything I've shown you! Stay awesome and tune in next week for more haiiirryyness!



  1. You are adorable as usual!! <333

  2. Yay I love this hair! I'm going to go check it out after I reformat my evil computer tonight haha. Great post. I'm happy you like Trudy! :)