Friday, June 11, 2010

There's only one good thing worth trying to be, and it's love.

Hi guys! 50L Friday was absolutely amazing this week and I'm so so so SO glad I found some great stuff from stores I've never blogged before, and some as-usual greatness from places I have. I hope you have just as much fun shopping the list as I did. Here's what I found. :)

In this picture, the 50L item is from Babydoll's Boutique - it's the innertube floatie that I'm sitting on! It texture changes too, so you can match it with your swimsuit or your other pool toys. The sits in it are my favourite part though - I've never seen them before and they're so adorable.

My glasses are from Inner Peace, and are a 50L exclusive item this week - that means they won't be sold after today. They've got a little bug on them - if you click my picture and make it bigger you can see that it's sort of sparkly and glowy! I love it! My hair is Joanna.2 from and my swimsuit is from CCC.

Speaking of Inner Peace, I also picked up this outfit for 50L. It's called Esme, and (as you surely know by now!) I love sculpted tops, and this one has one! Plus the adorable bow in the back, you can't go wrong.

My other favourite part of this outfit is the shoes - the design is really unique and something I've not seen before, either. My hair is called Peyton; it's from Truth. Did you check out the new Truth releases yesterday? *grins*

At Sassafras, you can grab the pose in the picture below. It can have just one person, two people (called Fence Sitting) or even a whole family (called Peaceful Fields.)

Hmm, who's that adorable-supah-cute girl on the right, huh? :-P I kid, I kid! But definitely grab this pose for 50L and drag your family out to a field like we did - just watch out for cows! Shifty, 'member?


Wanna fly like an aeroplane? My run in my AO is an aeroplane run, except my Mommy says it looks like I'm a puppy bounding toward a glass door and slamming into it. *giggles* Anyhow, this pose is from SMALL and is one of three aeroplane poses you get for 50L this week. My outfit is from QT's Closet for 50L and lemme just say, I'm really impressed with the shorts and the shoes! So well done. I love the polka dot top too! My hair is from Truth and it's called BoHo. It has a headband and little beads that change colours. :)

Here's another in the SMALL poses, and I'm wearing the 50L outfit from Candii Kitten. Isn't it cute? The big, floppy summer hat just makes the whole outfit so much more adorable. My favourite part is the skirt though - I haven't seen that gauzy texture yet this summer. I hope she makes more of this outfit in different colours (like pink, hint hint!) *giggles*

From Gigglebox, you can turn your whole backyard into a soccer field (or football, if you're Frannie and Jamie!) like I did, see?

It comes with cones to mark boundaries, two goal posts, a soccer ball, and all the lines already drawn for you. I wonder if my whole family will wanna play soccer? Whatcha think? They don't seem like the sporty types, to me.. *grins*

Here's the 50L items from Dandelions and Larnia Kids. The chair I'm sitting on is from Dandelions - aren't the textures fun? It's got three sits in it - I'm looking quite like a proper grown-up lady, don'cha think? :D My outfit is from Larnia Kids and is one of (as usual) a few things to choose from. The top is so cute - look closely to see what it says! My hair is Rachelle from

So! My morning was nice and quiet, blogging, pictures... untiiiiil.. my uncle Bayly signed on! Then look what he did!

Hmph, uncles! Anyhow, this pose is the 50L item from Jumpin' Jacks. Cute, huh? And my outfit is one of the choices at Larnia, for 50L My uncle's outfit comes from his shop, Bellies. Have you been there? If not, you should go, ohmygosh. He's got hilarious t-shirts and funky shoes - all kinds of stuff you have to see for yourself!

From Baby Couture is this summery outfit, which I paired with the 50L item from Sweet Moments, the jewelled sandals.
I found the top on this outfit to be a little low cut for me, so I paired it with a tubetop, thanks to a suggestion from my fellow Scribbler Abby, and it works. My hair is from Truth, it's called Fearne. Oh, and this outfit is available in a shorts-version too, for those of you who don't like dresses. :)

And last but not least, stop by LMC to grab this mini-piano for 50L - it really plays when you click the keys! I loved the sit in it, too, so adorable.

My outfit in that picture is yet another one from Larnia Kids, for 50L this week. Oh, and my hair is called Tatum and it's from :) That's my bedroom - see how neat and clean it is? That's cuz Frannie hasn't been over in a while! *giggles*

Hope you have a great weekend - is it hot where you are yet? It's not really, here!

Janey xoxoxo


  1. This is adorable! Love you niecy!

  2. so so cute janeypants!!

    and hmph. I am not messy >.>

  3. Wow you did awesome and were able to fit so much in! Amazing job Janeybutt <3

  4. Whered you get your ao with the aeroplane run? :D