Friday, May 28, 2010

...look in the mirror, and keep on shining.

Haaaaappy Friday! Did you know as of Monday (Memorial Day in the U.S.) it's officially summer? I can't wait! I imagine long weekends of camping with my family, sunny days on the beach with friends and of course, shopping! This week's 50L /kids/ list was loaded with tons of keyyyuuuttttte stuff, and I picked a few of my favourite things to share with you.

First up, jammies! I was just saying the other day that I wish I had more summery jammies and voila! These are 50L at Babydoll's Boutique this week.

What girl doesn't love cupcakes, right? I like these for tons of reasons - first because they come in pink (don't tell Abby!), and also because of the adorable cupcake on the front and the fuzzy slippers. My hair in that photo is from Truth - it's called Twiggy, and that thin headband is colour-change to practically a billion colours. You can match it with anything!

From Sassafras, you can get an adorable three-person pose called Cloud Watching, for 50L. Remember doing that when you were little, just laying back and picking out all the things you saw in the clouds? I tried to tell Frannie and Lizzie that the clouds looked like goats, but they were having none of it!

Oh, also! Sassafras just released a new bedroom set, fit for a princess. I think I might have to re-do my bedroom sometime soon because this new set is SO gorgeous. You have to go see for yourself though; don't take my word for it!

At Jumpin' Jacks, the 50L item is this clever set of stools that you can rez, and brush your friends' - or parents'! - hair. I know I love-love-love having my hair brushed. My sister Frannie and our friend Lizzie posed for this picture. What a cute idea! Totally unique.

It's complete with animations and you even get a brush when you touch the stool. I love it!

Stop by Inner Peace and you can choose between two items for 50L - the dress in the picture below, or a set called Little Painter, that has a paintbrush, can and even paint splatters you can wear!

This dress is called Katee, and I think the smocking at the top is so adorable, not to mention the billowy skirt and matching shoes. Definitely a steal for 50L. Oh, and my hair is from !lamb - it's from the Chocolate Bars pack, and the style is called Baby's On Fire.

Oh, before I forget. The 50L item at Dandelions is an adoooooorable room divider that holds SO many pictures. I couldn't get a decent photo of it but you have to go get it. I love the textures and the fact that it holds tons of photos!

From Larnia Kids, you can choose (as usual) from a few different items but I picked this pink outfit called Summer Stripes. I think the flip-flops that come with it are too cute! And I love the fact that the top isn't toooooo low-cut. Double-win. The pipe in my mouth is the 50L item from Wonderkids - can you see the bubbles? They were cracking me up!

Bubbles! :D Eeeee! I am gonna try and get my cat to play with them later. Anyhow, that picture is me being all ninja-like, and that's the Larnia outfit. :) Frannie says I look crazy there, but I beg to differ. :-P My hair is called Michelle, it's from

I think that's all for pictures, but I have some more cute finds. From Baby Couture, you can get a really super cute flip-flop necklace - silver with a tiny flip-flop as a charm. Gigglebox has three different nightlights to choose from (one of which is Twilight!). QT's Closet has a wild-things outfit complete with a matching backpack, and KyiaBear Gestures has two gestures (25L each) that say, "Okay, Mommy," and "Okay, Daddy."

Woot, another week over and now it's time to play! Love you guys!

<3 Janey

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  1. such a cute post Janey! I love Riley's outfit and Rory's so cute! and i gotta grab that sassfras pose <3 love you girls!

  2. aww thanks for featuring our bubble maker!!