Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Sweet Caroline....

Happy Tuesday everyone! Hope those of you who had the long weekend (Canada) had an amazing one! I'm here bringing you some moooore hair for you to fill your colourfil inventory with! So let's start shall we??

Today's hair place is one of the first one's I fell in LOVE with when I came to SL. Maitreya is such a gret hair place. It's definitely on the higher price range but SO worth the splurge every so often!

 This hair is called Faye, it's one of the more kid like hairs I see on SL kids and that the store offers. It's a really long and pretty hair and the textures to the hair are so soft looking! There is a perfectly placed bobby pin on the right side of the hair that totally adds to it- This was actually one of my first hairs (In blond :o) and to this day I still wear it!

The hair I am so awesomely showing you in the photo above is called the Nimue. It's one of the newer releases, and it brings bangs to an extreme almost. But anyone who knows me well, knows I like different things and this hair is just awesome! The bangs are short all around, almost like a bowl cut and it ties into a pony tail at the back, and the hair from the pony tail is straight and the way it falls is so so pretty! I love this hair.

The third hair I want to show you is called Charli. At first glance, it looks a little like a shorter version of the Faye but if you really look at it, it's different. The bobby pin is so sweetly placed on the left and it's such a gentle looking hair style. I love loooove wearing it with cute little jumpers and when I'm out shopping with mama! This is definitely a hair that every little girl should have in her inventory, it's perfect for dressing up!


First off, today's accessory is from Lacie Cakes. It was a gift from my mommy. It's a necklace called 'To The Moon and Back', and it's simple and so sweet. It has two little silver circles, one with a heart and the second with the saying 'loving you to the moon and back'. It comes in both adult and child sizes, SO you can buy one for your mama too! My hair is from Maitreya of course, I wore it all day yesterday too AND today, It's called Sasha and I like this because yea, it's a little grown-uppy, but it's so sweet. The beanie is colour change and I personally wear it with cute little dresses and it looks AWESOME! The dress I have on is from CCC and I have it in all the colours she has it out in. It's called CCC- Jumper in Pink! It's a classic little girls jumper. Its comes in some CUTE colours and you have the choice of wearing a grey T-shirt under it or a white long sleeved one. She also has some cute leggings for sale, so you can mix and match with those as well! Lastly- but totally not least, Dollstock's on my feet from Babydoll's Boutique, which seems to be a favourite shoe around the blog! They are definitely my favourites right now, they're SO perfect for summer!

That is all for todays haiiirrryyness! Hope the rest of your week, is awesome and sweet and SO full of love.  Don't forget to check out Maitreya!!

Sweet Kissies and hugs,
Riley Sapphire


  1. omg you look so cute!! I love the LOTD and the hairs are awesome! <3