Monday, May 24, 2010

I don't wanna grow up.... I'm a RC Cluster Kid

Happy Monday!

It's already been a fun morning. I was supposed to work this morning, and honestly I was.. I had my scribble to do, and then to finish up some projects I have going on, and of course there is school at Petit Cheri this afternoon.   But I had seen Redd Columbia released a new sewing machine at RC Cluster, So I decided to take 5 mins and TP over grab it and then come back and get to work.  But, well.. RC Cluster is the store full of gadgets, gizmos, toys and just all kinds of things you never thought you needed. But as soon as you walk in, something takes over and you just need everything you see..  So about 30 mins later  I walk out with..

A -RC- Stitch Machine.. this sewing machine is so cool, there are two versions. One comes with the pose ball, the petal and the machine itself. And the other one comes with all kinds of things to go with it. Measuring tape, more fabric.. and looked like a lot of other stuff. You can change the fabric on the machine when you touch it. Not sure how many different textures there are, but it seemed like quite a few. The animation included is a brand new one. And it looks so realistic and so much fun! Who doesn't like sewing on their mom's sewing machine!

Well, after I got the sewing machine I had to look around. I wanted to see what else she had made since I had last been there. She has this cool picnic blanket that is brand new, looked like about 5-6 poses on it too. She has the cushion fort, all kinds of bug things.. and her Pet Butterflies I love. I bought about 20 of those for stocking stuffers one Christmas, and thats another thing cool. Her prices are really reasonable.

I was just about ready to leave.. when I see the neatest thing in the world.. See when I grow up I am gonna be a famous singer, and I am always practicing. And there was this neat microphone you wear and it fits up to your mouth and it leaves your hands all free to express yourself while singing...

I practiced for hours.. and I didn't even hear the cat doing that screech thingy that everyone kept IMing me about hearing.   I think maybe I might be ready to try out for American Idol next year. 

Before I had gone shopping I had gotten dressed for the day. And I almost forgot to tell ya'll about it.  This dress is called CCC Abbie in Blue, its from Chelsea's Childrens Clothes. It comes in 5 other colors. White, yellow, purple, pink, and green and of course the Blue. The sandals and hat are included and its not very itchy cause not lots of lace on it.. which is a plus in my opinion.

You know, I just noticed I must have poked my finger with the sewing needle or something because its bleeding and hurts.  Thank goodness I just remembered I had also picked up some bandaids at while I was at RC Clusters. Now just a kiss to make it better and I will be as good as new.
I think maybe I should stop procrastinating and finish up these projects. Have a great week guys and keep smiling! Make em all wonder what you are up to.
Hugs and smooches!
Abby <3

Sewing Machine, Microphone with animations and bandaids all found at RC Cluster
Dress- Abbie in Blue- Chelsea's Childrens Clothes
Hair-Justine-reds (cranberry) Truth
Knee Bandaids- Reek!


  1. so cute abby! *kisses yer finger* Be careful! <3

  2. awwww ty Frannie! It feels so much better now.. although I think if I keep it on, it might get me cookies from mommy or nana <3<3

  3. Aww Abby, I loved this post! I never knew they had finger bandaids! Remind me to go buy some tonight, 'kays? GREAT JOB! *hugs and keeses* xoxox <3 Janey

  4. soooo cute abby i love that dress of Chelsea's it's one of my faves!