Thursday, May 27, 2010

A [Scoop]Full of Icecream

Happy Thursday guys! I have lots more cute poses to tell you about today. It sure has been a fab week for poses.

The lovely Linsay Aya sent me a preview of Scoop Boutique's brand new pose range. They are changing the whole base of the store to focus on kid poses. Both single sets and group ones; and i know they're totally excited!
So here are some of the poses you will be able to find there.

Now Linsay & Kenzi told me that each pose will be named after a different, yummy, ice cream flavor. The length of the name will determine how many people the pose sits.
i.e- Cherry Garcia=2 words, so 2 people.
       Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough=4 words, 4 people.
I think that's totally cute and makes the names more original; even if i'm going to want icecream everytime i use one!

These poses won't be released until Friday though; so you'll have to wait a little to check them out. But don't forget to go to [Scoop] cause i can see some great cuteness coming from this store!

Love and stuff,

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