Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Picture Perfect Moments

*waves* Ohai!
Lots of new pose goodness this week, so here's a quick post to show you the newness from *Sweet Moments*.
Most of you will know this store as CCC moments but owner Fe has branched out with a store on the Jubilee Sim. So without further-ado check out some of the awesome summer poses released today! :D

Poses Pictured:
After The Parade
Parade Day
Wagon Trip

The poses at *Sweet Moments* are awesome. Great quality, awesome for picturing lots of different moments, and just full of all round cuteness!
Head over to the store to check them out!

And a big thanks to my lovely family memebers and friends for posing with me!

Much Love, Frannie,
Dont forget to check out the blog tomorrow for more poseygoodness! (yes i like making words up)

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  1. awww cuteness! Thank you once again for filling in! Hugssss <3